Quantanuminous Peregrination

Lolth rules the Feywild?!

The remains of the Green Tower guild had been offered the rulership of Fallcrest, but we declined saying we trust the Lord Warden to protect and rule Fallcrest in our stead being that we have too many other loose ends to tie up before we could even think of settling down. All chose to rest in the Green Tower the night and when we wake, the land is odd. First there are two suns, one brighter than the morning star; while the other one was dark and covered over with clouds. When we looked out past the city and see that a dense forest circles the town as far as the eye can see. It looks like all the trees are covered with flowers and the pedals flutter in the air glistening in places. We also see the primal wolf spirits patrolling the border between the forest and the town.
We go to our dryad on the third floor to find her stirring in the remains of King Toy into her pot to use for some necromancy concoction. All that we see is his tail stubbornly pointing outward. She wants to be a necromancer after some clarification because she feels that the decay of bodies and the absorption of nutrients into the trees fascinate her. This doesn’t seem as sinister as other necromancers motives. She greats us by saying, “Good morning. Isn’t it a beautiful day?” When we ask her about the forest, she expresses her jealousy towards the tree’s abundance of foliage. She doesn’t know anything else about the forest though.
So we head to the Moon Song Temple which is devoted to Corellon only to find the High Priest, Ressiler Starlight, burning art that has become odd and tainted. All of the art work had been dedicated to Corellon and no detection of arcana can find a spell remaining. Whatever had been done to them is irreversible. Corellon’s alter has also been melted all but for one spot which we investigate and find small symbols to Lolth.
Our group walks to the edge of the town passing villagers who nervously work to rebuild their town, finding that all of the primal hounds stalking back and forth in front of the border where the town meets the odd forest. Ethan uses his elongating straw cautiously to tap a tree to see if something happens when passing this seeming boundary. When nothing happens, Belara tries to communicate with the wolves and find out what’s wrong with the forest, but they just whimper at her. So she goes through to the trees. The only difference she notices is that there is only one bright sun and no sun with clouds over it.
We head to Lord Walden’s keep and find him planning with several people including our Wilden friend, Kimaulthan. Lord Walden was surprised at our decline to rule Fallcrest. He said that he wants to know how the rest of our guild members are doing because last he heard, they had gone to our Dead Man’s Keep to fight off trolls. We told them that we helped them with that fight but have not had word from them since that parting. He is hesitant to send out messengers and envoys because of the odd forest around us and not knowing what is out there. So he asks us to go investigate and bring back word of the forest.
We talk to Kimaulthan and find out that he is having no response from Corellon at all. To make matters worse he describes a cackling female voice whenever he tries to sing a sacred prayer (which he said he did often with yesterday’s battle). This reminds us all of the cackling voice we heard after we had defeated I yesterday so we wonder how they are connected. He also thinks that the bright sun has to do with the feywild and feels a foreboding from the clouded over sun.
At the behest of Lord Warden, we go into the forest towards our manor. The path is covered over with thick foliage, but we traverse it well. As we progress we see that the flowers start dropping from the trees and are replaced with thicker foliage looking like summer. We speculate that the seasons are rapidly changing and worry that it’s towards winter because the Prince of Frost wanted our manor. We then see a fluttering orange pixie coming towards us looking nervously at all of us. It is holding a flask that is the size of its body. But as it stops to look at us, a blue, green cat pounces on the pixie. Belara knows that this beast is a wretched cat- twisted by Femorian magix from Lord’s of Feydark who want to rule the Feywild. They are also known as cruel Lords of Cyclops because they experiment on creatures, although not all experiments come out successful.
Ethan (or Pibl) shot at the cat which startles it enough for it to let go of the pixie and run off. Ethan offers the pixie a perfectly moist toilettes to clean off the cat drool. It giggles and pours out residuum onto the ground in the amount of 100 gold’s worth. It flies off and pours another pile of residuum that is bigger. We follow although we know this is foolish as the pixie does this a handful of more times. In total, Ethan obtains 6,600 gold’s worth of residuum. However, just like we suspected, the pixie leads us to danger. What first looks like a rock formation is quickly discerned as a monster by Jendra and Brande. An illusion covers up a Tirask and we also see that the pixie cocking a crossbow at us. We fight and Pibl takes an opportunity attack on the pixie who chooses to target him thereafter. We are successful at defeating the pet rock, but the Pixie flies off after dropping her flask.
Loot- Belara gets Earth Strider shoes left from the rubble of the rocks.
We head back towards our manor and when we get there, we see a wilden making incantations, 3 big mounds (grapes, roses, & ivy) which are periodically shooting bolts of electricity and a tree ent watching them try to knock down our manor’s door. We ask who they are and the tree ent responds that he is Colonel Oakspruce of the Green Fey. They are trying to get an eladrin out of our house to kill because the Church of Lolth, the Queen of the Feywild O.o has decreed all of their deaths. Lord Oran of the Green Fey ceded over the Court of Stars to Lolth last night when the barriers between our world and the feywild was weakened or broke. When we asked what happened to Corellon, we got a vague answer of him being cast down into the demon web. We store that in the back of our minds as well as the fact that Lolth used I and the Orcas issue to gain entry into the feywild.
Jendra-shan intimidates the wilden who is a storm mage. They decide we are to considerable a target and go to leave and pursue attacking other eladrin. We chase them to stop them. However when we attack the ent makes a huge run for it and we are forced to let him go. We eventually kill the wilden and the three mound-like creatures.
Loot- the wilden had a Paralyzing Sling +3; undecided on who gets this since no one uses a sling.
When we go back to our manor, Chelvin opens the door with Tobolar and Zaldir standing behind him to tell us that there is indeed an eladrin in our home and she has something very grave to tell us. We enter the living room to find an eladrin in tattered leather armor fletching arrows for herself. Her name is Bethanazar a scout of the City of Astrazanion. She was looking for the champions of Fallcrest (us) at the behest of Queen Tiandra. Her caravan seems to have been lost, but the priestess had a very important item to give us. She wants us to wait until dark to go search for the caravan because right now the Fey have dominion while that other sun is up and therefore are stronger. Archfey power which eladrin has from the feywild does not work because now Lolth is in control. She would rather us fight the Shadowfell who come out at night (yay _).
As the sun sets, we leave and see the leaves turn red and fall to the ground eventually leaving the trees bare as winter. When we walk on fallen leaves, they send chilling noises through the air. And the air itself is oddly still, like we are back in the forest when we had gotten trapped in the mist. We all were on edge and started seeing things out of the corners of our eyes. Then we start hearing whispers and Beth tells us that it is in elven and she recognizes some of the voices so we had best hurry.
We come upon the ruins of the caravan and the 12 dead eladrin. It is surrounded by strange shadowy mirages that transform to clawed beasts while moving but look humanoid when still. We learn from someone that they are Night Haunts who are created from people who eat food tainted by shadowy stuff and they are insubstantial. Despite this, we beat them and Beth finds the recorder which shines like gold on the Priestesses corpse.
Loot- TBA
We go back to Fallcrest and she teslls us that since we had protected the shrine to Haramathur last night in the Green Tower, we created a beacon of light in the darkness that Lolth has created by taking over the Feywild. Therefore Fallcrest is impervious to Lolth’s planning and therefore the only safe haven and target left. While the Court of Stars ceded over rulership to Lolth, that does not mean that the Fey are happy about this issue. Queen Tiandra wants our aide to defeat Lolth in exchange for a safe haven for her surviving people. She will provide food and provisions for Fallcrest as well since the farms may have been adversely affected by the foliage of the fey. We agree to help her and Beth plays the recorder and plays a beautiful melody and we watch as a portal opens up. Two-by-two we watch as the remaining eladrin of Queen Tiandra’s court march into Fallcrest. When they finally stop, there is approximately 5,000 of them. This quadruples the size of Fallcrest’s population.
For next time, we discussed possibly fixing up other ruins in places such as Kiris Dahn so that the eladrin who don’t have a home here can go there and try to rebuild for themselves.
We plan on leaving for New Breen to discuss things with Jendra-shan’s Order, bringing Nimorazan’s body to have them resurrect him so they can have other Green Tower Guild members back them up.
Before leaving we should talk with eladrin, Lord Walden, etc about Lolth, Corellon and what’s happening.

I and Orcus defeated, for now

While walking to take care of the Red Army towards our manor, we see smoke and head towards it. We come across Tobolar, Zaldir, & Chelvin being chased around by 4 trolls weaving through patches of fire. We come to their aide and learn after defeating the trolls that they had used the manors stores of wine to create the fires to fend off the trolls.
Tobolar gives Ethan Wand of Midly Distracting Images.
Then all of a sudden a huge gust of icy wind puts out the fires and we see Gamu and Qizzi the gnomes from the Fall Games come toward us applauding us for our gallantry. The request us to follow them to Kobold Hall saying they are hearing us being called there by a primal spirit and we go. It is calling also for help, peace, & forgiveness.
So we follow them and as we approach, we hear our names being called. The pond is still frozen but it’s clear that it is thinner. There is a ghostly wolf pacing and Jendra notices that it’s focus is on Belara who also has primal powers. It is not threatening her, but more seeing if she is up to the task. Belara offers her hand to be sniffed. She decides to smash the ice which shatters. Jendra touches the liquid which is more an ooze and instantly feels an immense sadness connected to Haramathur. Jendra jumps in and swims to the bottom to find ruins of her Aegis all around her. Her perception for anything else failed and she goes back to report to the party. Brande touches the liquid and instantly it starts to violently shake, taking on a humanoid image that eventually resembles Brande.
It speaks to us and tells us it is Haramathur’s tears and that they fear it is Haramathur’s final hour due to Orcus and Lolth. At that very minute I was in the Green Tower performing magic. We are asked to stop him and the tears turn to Jendra and say that she is the chosen one and that her Aegis is the key to stopping I. The ooze goes onto Brande.
We head out of the chamber to Gamu and Qizzi surrounded by not only one ghost wolf, but twenty. They offer us aide because the Prince of Frost said that If the barrier between the fey world and ours collapsed, then the fey would be weakened as it had already been starting to weaken. Gamu and Qizzi use their magic to materialize 5 of the wolves and we make haste to the Green Tower. (12 speed when outdoors on wolf).
Fallcrest’s homes are abandoned and a battle rages near the castle. We see our tower in smoke and head for it. As we approach the bridge, we are stopped by many goblins on it and right in the front of the tower is a siege engine in the shape of a huge rat (King Toy) run by two haflings. On the third floor of the tower a goblin speaks to us and tells us he only needs 5 more minutes to desecrate the ruins to convert them to the power of Orcus instead of Haramathur. We battle our way through the ghouls doing many daring jumps while on wolf back. Jendra runs ahead with the single mission to stop I from desecrating Haramathur’s ruins. She sees that Nimozaran is dead on the first floor. Our dryad friend Karellyn is throwing up sick on the second floor from Orcus’ taint. While she is doing this, Pibl and Ethan battle King Toy inside the siege engine while Belara and Brande help outside.
They all make it to battling I and Jendra’s Aegis is extremely effective at blocking I’s attacks against the ruins where none others are. Her and Ethan both get flung out of the tower just as the other three deal the final blows to I (who is a priestess of Lolth and Orcus Cultist).
Brande takes the wand of Orcus that I had and channels his healing surges through it praying to the Raven Queen to destroy the siege engine. It is turned into hundreds of crows that all flew off in the same direction… leaving King Toy who had previously been the subject of Ethan’s Wand of Mildly Distracting Thoughts making him think he was in a cage with hair that wouldn’t stop growing. Now he has a fear of crows for the duration of his short life, for Pibl kills him with his own sword. Thus making Pibl in the remaining Dead Rats, the new leader.
Ethan finds a map in I’s pocket of where he had obtained the siege engine. This leads to the Creation Forge.
Jendra gets the Sword of Haramathur that I had been wielding. She uses it to sever the connection between Orcus and Haramathur fearing that freeing Haramathur in this manor would taint him and also fearing they are not truly prepared for another Dawn War to start. This conflicts with her original purpose technically speaking, but she believes that there are other guild members still out there who will shed more light on the appropriate course of action.
Belara is approached by Gamu and Qizzi because of her superb handling of her primal powers and is requested to join them in overthrowing the Prince of Frost… because he is an ass.
Finally, Lord Markelhay cedes the rulership of Fallcrest over to our guild.

An Undead Wererat and an Angry Dragon

QP on July 13, 2013
A wizard from Winterhaven to the NW comes to offer us aide. His name is Ethan Hawk (Sean’s new character) and he brings a note from his trainer and master, Tinder, for Nimozeran. Nim is confused because Tinder has been dead 40 years, but Ethan assures us that he is his trainer and alive and well. And Nim can’t shake the fact that the letter looks like Tinder’s authentic hand.
So which army do we pursue… we decide to pursue the Green Army and try to save our ally Kiris Hoit and Tyristas in Kiris Dahn.
Zaldir comes back just as we are about to leave with information.
Necromancer’s Dagger: He traveled the Endless Road near where we battled the White Reeve. The dagger is a component in a communication ritual used as the focus. Other components needed are a ritual book, ritual scroll, and human skull. It lets the bearer of the dagger and those nearby talk to Asserrerac who is the bearer of souls, associated with places of evil such as tomb of horrors which he created for grisly deaths. He is for furthering the cause of Orcus against the Raven Queen. When the dagger is used and kills- souls taken by killing with the dagger are given to Asserrerac to be sorted (could go to Orcas but doesn’t necessarily have to). This is an allusion to gaining Orcas’ favor when one used the dagger to kill.
Our Manor and why Prince of Frost wants it: The Winter Fey patrons are all searching for two people; Shercea which is the Prince’s love and Hayne Kasar who is her lover. They both betrayed him and he is promoting vengeance against them. He is sworn to live a life of total sadness or love and so to are his people. He has his patron’s families held hostage until they find these two and is not one to break an oath. He wants our manor to get a stronghold in our realm so he can continue his search for these two who betrayed him.
Zaldir’s new research tasks are:
1. Find out what’s happening with desecration of Corellon’s temple. Grouch- Lolth associated with her.
2. Any information on Lolth
3. Look into Brande’s missing master.
Right before we leave we stop by to see Teldorthan Ironhues to see if he’s completed any of the Dragon armor from the white dragon we slew. We found him bloodied and his hands maimed from an attack from rats. He is no longer able to silver and we know that it is Pibl’s old band of wererats trying to get rid of silver weapons. Brande heals him. He told us that a cart of silver was also stolen by them.
We set off for Kiris Dahn. On our way there we see a dead body and a wagon that is overturned and a mull wandering aimlessly. We capture the mull and take the cart which oddly has all of its inventory except the silver. This makes sense when we see not only humanoid footsteps but also rat tracks. The dead man was Baltimore, the jeweler going to Fallcrest. 250G is on here.
As we approach Kiris Dahn which looked like it had started getting rebuild since last we had been there, we see a battle ensuing.
Fight A we see frog-like creatures attacking Kiris Hoit and the refuges.
Fight B we see a genasi heading towards the dragon cave with oozes following.
Not wanted Tyristys to be dominated and make the fighting that much harder, we go after the genasi. He gets to her before we could but Jen zaps him with the Slaying Stone. Jendra catches the orb that had been dominating Tyristys who demands it back. Jen throws it to her and she flies off angrily.
We head back to try and help Kiris Hoit and the towns folk. However, all the towns folk are dead and Kiris Hoit is an undead wererat. Unfortunately we kill Kiris Hoit and the frog guys.
Loot: 2 potions of healing (Jendra); crocodile skin (250G);
Tyristys’ horde: 1550 gp 2000 sp; topaz 500gp; 4 pearls- 100gp each; 2 jades- 100 gp each; ivory recorder 250 gp Jendra; gloves of dire badger 250 gp; silver pitcher kept at Green tower; large dwarven throwing crag hammer Belara; resilience amulet +2 neck Belara; periapt of cascading health +2 neck Ethan; glittering elven chain shirt armor Jendra; short silver sword magic +2 Pibl.
Brande laid dead bodies in Raven Queen symbol and lit them on fire.
For the sake of distance, we trust the Lord Warden to take care of the blue army and we try to cut off the Red Army and Trolls. We know that the Lord Warden has prepared fortifications and notifications were sent to Hammerfest for aide. So we start heading towards our Manor. Ethan will make our 3 bottles and cask of wine into molitave cocktails and other fire/acid attacks for troll destruction. We bring the cart with us. (which was promptly forgotten lol).

A Map of Impending Doom

QP June 8, 2013
We grab Lyker and hide in a room right before the world shifts from the living Prime Material World to the dead Shadowfell. There was a goblin shape in the fire who seems to be cursed. Pibl goes under door and we go through as well.
We fightwe killed phantom fire goblin but we forgot to check the room when leaving and Jendra gets attacked by a tangible goblin that has tainted claws. The Ghost Boss phases through walls while we fight and puts out an all call to all monsters in Garbald Castle to run to the crown room.We charge the room with enemies on our heels. Ghost Boss in room next to Wilden. Pibl kills 2 orcs with the Necroshard Dagger (up to 4) sending them to Orcus as well as killing Lyker behind our backs because he wanted to (up to 5).
Brande heals the Wilden who seems to have been here for a very long time because the last Fall Games he remembers is when the Medusa got petrified (approximately 50 years ago). His name is Kimaulthan a follower of Corellon who was trying to restore Garbald Castle. He is from Senaliesse and came on the behest of the Summer Queen Tiandra. He is missing his weapon whom the goblins had taken. We tell him we recently won the Fall Games. He finds his cudgel and gives it to Brande.
We found a map of the Nentir Vale which was the paper the goblins had been so gleeful over earlier when we looked in the mirror. It depicts 3 armies attacking Fallcrest.
Red Army coming from Troll Caves and passing Winter Haven
Blue Army- a ghoul horde coming to attack Ravenroost which would effectively cut of Hammerfast from giving Fallcrest aide. This is probably the reason we were paid that yellow gem from Gundelmor the dwarf. Writing on this part of map says “Sieze shadow Crossing”
Green Army from Chaos and heading to Kiris Dahn where Kiris Hoit and Tyristys are. Map says “kill rat, dominate dragon” with a symbol of Torag signed by the Temple of Yellow Skulls.
Loot 1,000G; chain mail shallow grave armor +2; Armor of Aegis for Jendra.
We use the circle to warp back to living. We won’t be able to access Shadowfell outside Garbald Castle. Kimulthan comes with us.
As we approach Fallcrest, we see a big tent and a party with fireworks coming from the Green Tower. We inquire as to what is happening and find out that Armis Camroff sold a sickle that Brande sold to him to a noble man for three times the price that Brande got from Armis. We do more inquiring and find out the buyer of the Sickle (which was from the headless horseman) was none other than van Hassen in the south.
Zaldir is not back yet.
We brought Lyker’s body to Karellyn and her dryad to make us something with.
Finally, we convince Strang to have the gangs in Fallcrest form fortifications to protect the town from the coming danger and he does.

Garbald Castle

Our party returns to Fallcrest. We see vines hanging out the 3rd floor window and smoke from the first floor dining room.
Tobolar Quickfoot the Hafling greats us and we see the dining room was turned into an alchemists area for an inventor- new member.
Zaldir Azair apprentice turned into an historian.
Jendra inquires about the other members of the Green Tower Guild to find out that the guild predates the town and had summoned Lord MarkelHay to rule the growing town. The guild had been quite accomplished in its day. There was an unexpected rift between 2 factions where ½ stayed in tower to protect town and stop research and the other ½ wanted to move on to continue research. Nimozaran was young during the Great War and was left behind which is why he thinks he was the last of the Guild. Whether this rift was to resurrect Haramuthur or to cut the ties with God from world is a great mystery to Jendra.
Were some from the guild sent a mission during the great war to try and restore Haramathur whom vanished… so there would only be a handful that could possibly reappear. Maybe some missing guild members were caught up by the mist took Eli’s Manor and people since that corresponds time wise.
Zaldir will research.

On the 3rd floor we had a visitor. Vines green with blood red flowers on were on the walls while in the center of the room was a huge tree and a dryad stirring a cauldron. The tree, Karellyn, and her dryad were a gift from Queen Tiandra sent to create our Garden of Power. Karellyn is powerful and wants to pursue necromancy and asks us to bring her corpses of odd creatures to make us items. For instance, she made us blue fruit to help us heal. (Blue apple= potion of healing & +2 save to cold ongoing). The dryad was currently making sorrow stew, but didn’t know what it did yet.
Tobolar gives us a large yellow gem (worth 500G) from Grundlemar who is a dwarf from Pelor for us dealing with the bandits of Raven Roost… except we didn’t do this and don’t know who did.
Nimozaran wants to find out more information about “I” so he pokes at the teleportation portal. Pibl’s old gang now are followers of Lolth. Someone else must have coordinated the attack on Lucasia’s Corellon temple. Nim gives us Garbald Castle location because he saw shadow energies coming from the north near Grey Down.
About Jendra’s God, Haramathur: little known by others was his part in the Dawn War were he killed himself to seal the rift between the astral sea and the elemental chaos. ½ the guild wanted to reopen the rift to get back Haramathur and the other ½ wants to just honor his memory. Look for the Earth Watch.
We told Nim about the Prince of Frost’s inquiry into obtaining our manor and wanting an alliance. Zaldir will look into this.
In town we get a scroll from vendor.
Belara has the White Reeve Crown.
Temple of the Sun was burned but left rough open while repairing by Gundelmor. He was the one who paid us for taking care of the getting rid of the bandits of Raven Roost who were led by Shadarki. He assumed they were defeated because trade increased and he knew of our reputation so he assumed we had helped him. But why did the Shadarki bandits disappear? Check their base at Ravenroost.
We march on horses North along the Winter River towards Garbald Castle. We come to a cave that has goblin tracks and head inside. Pibl goes in first in rat form to do recon. He hears walking at the door and comes back. We stealth up on the door.
Come across Lyker and his company of the Red Eyes (whom we had played against during the winter games). Lyker is a lieutenant under I and we knew he had to report here. Pibl kills two of the goblins with the Necroshard Dagger and nothing seemed to happen to us. Lyker is unconscious and we locked him in the armory. Pibl takes an amulet on his neck (Amulet +2 Resolution) and Jendra takes the Vagabond Die.
Room A- We head to another room that has a red line on the floor and targets on the opposite wall. There is a ghost floating with a bow and arrow. Pibl de-rats and says hi to the ghost. He doesn’t know who he is, he wanders tunnels and hallways but the goblins made him leave because they didn’t like him & the Queen??? They went to there and he came here…His clothing are very old fashion.
Room B- There are pews and 3 new doors… one to Palor, to Sehenin, and to Un. Beams of light are coming from nowhere. Religion check on light- light in natural form illumination will be. Under Palor’s alter there is a lamp of oil that Pibl finds. Un’s alter has a book on the Podium that is blank all save the last page, “disaster imminent… family Gloom Warlocks Magic.” Sehenin’s area had an empty chest, circle on the floor, one wall on the left had half a circle and the wall on the right had the other half of the circle. Jendra detects magic from the chest and an extra-dimensional hidden compartment. Playing with shadows, we see stuff in compartment, bracers, leather armor, &…
Next room there is a table with broken china and door to kitchen with empty chimney and two more doors to hall or another room.
There is a bare store room
A room with cots that are rotten
A statue room that has a Queen and an Archer statue that are the only ones remaining intact. All the other statues have their heads chopped off. Do we behead and sell for gold… no.
There is a communal bath that is drained. There is a ritual circle to orcas and Brande tries to remove the ritual circle and possibly does. There were 8 copper pieces in the drain.
There is also a large room with an ebony throne to the Raven Queen. On the throne is a Queen garbed in blue (exactly like the statue) holding a mirror. Looking in the mirror, we see goblins in the same exact room playing miramba’s with Orcas symbols. The Queen is also a ghost and doesn’t remember what her family name is. She wants us to move the the light to the darkness and for us to remove the goblins. She gives us her mirror to use.
There is a powder room behind the throne room with a compartment behind the mirror that has a bag of 10 gems each worth 100G that Jendra adds to the group loot. Belara finds a key. There is a hidden door to another room that has a large decayed bed but when we look in the mirror in this room we see a Wilden is being tortured and is moaning.
Looking in mirror in the Sehenin room we see a garish smiley face where the ½ circles were and an alter to Orcas with a phantom goblin. In the center there is a sarcophagus, the phantom is burning the book on the podium for Un and the Palor section is pitch black. The armory is a covered with shadow, the range room there is a goblin bowling with hafling skeletons, dining hall there are goblins looking over documents, in the kitchen there is a goblin cooking and doing dishes, the statue gallery there is a tall black beast (sorrow swarm), the store room has human corpses, the bed room has 12 goblin corpses resting peacefully on the beds, and the bath has clack things yelling.
We wake and talk to Lyker who says we need moon magic, sun power, & deaths permission. He used Orcas’ ritual and I is an Emissary of Orcas and a great goblin. Ghost boss is the lieutenant and the shadowfell reflects real world but here is the opposite. It’s the real world reflecting the shadowfell. He comes with us to the room and tells us to try something with the moon and put the chest in the way of the half circle to open it. We get bracers of mental might on the one half of the circle, Leather armor of Aegis Expansion + 2 in the full circle, and lamp wth symbol of Sehenin with magic conjuration.
Orcas cult on verge of great victory and gathering an armory. Doesn’t like the dagger that Pibl has and wants us to kill him another way.

Webs and puddles
We head after the turtle, only for it to talk to us extremely slow and we realize that it was the fucking rabbit the whole time… grr.

On our way to the rabbit, we see a bunch of the winter fey’s gear scattered about with some of them dead. We finally see the Autumn Nymph and have an encounter that we almost didn’t live through. There was two massive tree ents and I need someone else to fill in what else happened in this encounter. I remember using up like 3 healing potions and my last decision to attack the tree ent instead of healing Brande which saves the day. We get the wreath and head back to the portal inside the temple we came through (which had the Sage Tree inside). We pass the Winter Fey who look like they are licking their wounds after a battle. They were waiting outside the temple. We notice that the temple’s color has changed from bluish/green to red and we rush inside.

Lucasia is being attacked by the Sage Tree when we enter. It appears the tree is acting on orders and not of its own free will. Our group, Tengu, Jendra-shan, Brande, Belara, & Pibl (Din was away), rush in to save her. Tengu finds out that the trees root mechanisms need to be fixed while bloodied to cure it. Pibl rolls well and fixes these mechanisms by taking spider webs out (indicative of Lolth who is enemies with Corelon). Despite saving both Lucasia and the Sage Tree, the light from Corelon has left the temple and the ground is no longer consecrated and actually feels chaotic. Tengu turns to a young adolescent.

Lucasia inspects and decides that whoever attacked her has stolen the ritual book needed to get us back to our world. If we don’t retrieve this ritual book, we will be stuck in the feywild. She needs to replace important mushrooms that were killed to recreate the portal circle to get back to the games grounds. We give her all of the mushrooms we found fighting the spores except the starfire mushrooms which she doesn’t need. She is able to plant them and fix the circle. We also show her that we have the wreath and sub sequentially win the games.

We rush out of the temple to find the ritual book and come upon both the summer and the winter fey (what’s left of them). We tell them what’s happened and the summer fey and Gamon go to protect Lucasia while Chizy accompanies us to help us understand defeat something that is fey. We are to find the ritual book which is a pink flower with sigils on it.

The Red Eyes goblins are heading towards the temple. There is something in the forest ahead of us that they could not find because they have no fey with them. As we pass them, Pibl swipes a scroll off of one of the goblin leaders. It is a letter from the mysterious I character to their leader Lyker the gremin. He is to report to the lieutenant that will be awaiting him at Garbald Castle on the Winter River once the games are completed.

The Northeast side of the forest is diseased and has a mist that is killing the trees. Chizy blows snow onto a piece of land that is in her hands and she gets an image of a hut in the center. We go charging toward the hidden hut. There is an old women stirring stew with rats nibbling on her toes and the flower that we need in her hair.

The rats know Pibl because he deserted King Toy. The old woman’s new friend ‘rats’ are mad him, they turn into black eyed haflings. We have an encounter and defeat the old woman and the rats (anyone who remembers can add details here).

When the fight is over, Tengu turns to a toddler and a guy with a spear who was not engaged in the fight but watching over it the whole time comes forward. He is the devil and Tengu did not satisfy him and disintegrates into a puddle.

Bracers of Archery for Din
Iron arm bands of Power +2 to melee for Belara
Garden of Power put into out Green Tower from the Summer Nymph Lucasia for helping her.
Cortier’s Cape +2 to all members (Din, Belara, Brande, Pibl)
6 Casks of Elven Wine (worth 280 gold each)
On the a dead rat of Lolth, we find a key from Kutless Island in the City of Luscan to the South where Pibl hails from.
We all level to 5.

The World Fall Games

As a reminder, the Map of Torug had screamed when looked at by Tengu and a section of the map stilled and became legible with an X marking the Stone Orchard where we had just came from. Our group, Tengu, Jendra-shan, Belara, Brande, and Pibl decide to head back to Fallcrest with Roku-gan’s skin to see if we can speak with his spirit. We also acquired a Demon book- ritual book to Orcas- from those pesky kids. And after our last encounter we had leveled to 4.

The map leads us to the Stone Orchard where there is a mausoleum (I believe we also are meet by Din in the forest right before we head to this way).Writing in Primodial on the mausoleum, which Jendra-shan could read, states “How do you get from the world to the Shadowfell? Time” There is a door there and we presume that opening it may lead us to some sort of time travel? There was a gap under the floor near Pibl. We know that the mysterious I character wants this map to find this place.

Pibl goes to the middle and there was a swirling mass of green energy 2/3s red, blue & green ball. Tengu recognizes it as a githzeri’s ancient puzzle which he proceeds to solve and gets electrocuted and grows younger. Once this happens and we see nothing else, we notice that the X on the map is replaced by a check mark on the map. We search the room and find a grave under that slab Pibl saw with a baby sized casket. The body was there but the baby had been beheaded. We bring the casket back with us so we can do a speak with dead ritual on it as well.

Back in Fallcrest, we go to a vendor who is elven with uncalloused hands. We make a deal with the vendor to buy the Speak with Dead scroll, 140 Residuum, and to get the Remove Afflictions for free, all for 500 gold I believe. However, in order to complete this transaction, we need to find him Starfire Mushrooms found in a sacred meconium circle.

After visiting the vendor, we head to the Green Tower and find there is news from Nimozaran: our group has been invited to participate in the World Fall Games and Nimozaran has accepted for us (roll eyes lol). There will be four teams, the Feywild versus the Empire of Nariath and Queen Tiandra. The two teams from the Empire of Nariath are us, The Green Towe Guild and the Red Eyes from the Horde of Eye. The two Fey teams are the Summer Fey who are friendly with mortals and the Winter Fey who are always plotting. We will compete for shared adventures. There are two tests, one of magic and the other a speaking test, followed by the mock Hunt in the plane of Arvandor. Rewards will be honor and casks of Eladrin Wine.

So we have Nimorazan do the Speak with Dead ritual on Roku’s skin. We roll well and get two questions. First we ask him to tell us everything about the map. The map only reveals itself when willed by wielder who is worthy. It also leads to terrible treasures that will undo the wielder. Our second question asks him about his death. The hybrid White reeve lured others to him with the promise of gaining the Map of Torag. The White Reeve wanted to control the whole domain of the mist. We are uncertain at the end of this talk if we just spoke with a demon and don’t know what to believe. Tengu tried to progress the map, but it turns his hair black, giving him back more of his youth.

We gave our residuum to Nimorazan to do one more speak with dead on the baby’s body. We again got lucky and got two questions and hoped that the baby had enough wits to give us a reply. The baby, was indeed an older person who aged backwards as Tengu is doing. They followed the Map of Torag to try and gain immortality so they could stay alive to see their grandchildren’s wedding. We asked him how long this process took and he responded only a few days. This alarmed us because we didn’t know what to do to help Tengu.

We head to the World Fall Games after making our emblem (a grey tower on a green background with crisscrossing swords underneath it). We are greeted by Lucasia the spring nymph who will be presiding over the games. The summer fey are eladrin and they have a centaur for their leader. The winter fey are eladrin frost knights and have two Gnome leaders- Gamon and Chizy. The Red Eyes are a band of green and brown goblins that we detests with a blue skinned gremlin named Lyker as their leader.

Test 1 of Magic-Summer Fey Thorn Golem
All four teams are given various items, Alchemists fire, acid, frost, and spark, fey mustard which is waxy, sore wood seeds which fly, honey, water, caltrops, buckets, rope, fishing line, snares, and pullies. Each group has a path and at the end of that path is a garden of flowers that we must protect. We can use any of the materials we have for this and the team that either slows the monster the most or completely destroys the monster will win. The trick is, you can only have the items in the path of the golem and you cannot use magic from the sidelines.
The winter fey weigh it down with ice… and that’s all they do. The Red Eyes use snare traps and the catapult with acid and fire. The fire seemed to do significant damage. The summer fey didn’t do that much better. When we did a knowledge check, we learned that the golem is vulnerable to fire.

We did a bunch of different things. We made several waves. Wave one would have a bunch of snares were honey would be stuck to the legs, while a fire trap would be set off at the same time and the golem would walk into a bucket with spark traps and caltrops at the bottom. The second wave had water, spark trips falling fire and acid. And we repeated these waves several times until the end. So it was that the Green Tower Guild did the most damage to the golem and therefore won the Magic test.

While we were waiting for the next test, the winter fey gnomes approach our team and tell us that their Prince of Frost has an interest in buying our real estate (the manor that we have Chelvin running for us). He will give us six suits of armor laced with blue vines (fire resistant +2) for the estate, along with trading opportunities and an alliance, etc. We tell them we will consider the offer.

Test 2- Talking Contest- Sage Tree
We have to travel to the feywild and answer the Sage Tree’s question. The Sage Tree is 12 feet wide and over 100 feet tall. Lucasia accompanies us and we won the right to go first. It was extremely magical her and the Sage Tree sprouted four human faces from branches. The tree asked us about the ethics of killing. We don’t truly know exactly what happened with the other groups as we all had to face the tree alone with Lucasia. But the Summer Fey won, but not by much so we were able to get a head start on the Hunt.

Lucasia touches somethings head, it was tainted by darkness, a spell messing up time.

The Hunt and the Autumn Nymph
We are all to hunt the Autumn Nymph and obtain the wreath of flowers placed there by Lucasia, her sister. This Autumn nymph is orange and seems to be floating. We kick ourselves in the butt for not paying more attention to the Winter Fey Gnomes’ song about the deer, turtle, wolf and rabbit and which one has to do with which season because we are to hunt one of these animals. In order to win, we need to remember which one represents Autumn, but the only one we remember is that the wolf represents winter. So we head after the deer… and that winds up being wrong. We have an encounter with giant spores. Upon completing and winning our fight with the spores, we find various varieties of mushrooms including the Starfire Mushroom that the vendor wants back at Fallcrest and we gather some of it before heading out to look for the Autumn Nymph.

A Wrong not put Right, but Ended

Once the party defeats the headless horseman, they book it through the forest. First they encounter quicksand, but stealth fully got through it. Then they had to tiptoe their way through the path of undead bodies trying not to wake any and successfully traversed them. The next section to pass had corrupt pollen and we all saw the portal out of this warped land and found our last stretch of endurance and all made it out.

Somehow we make it to where the Van Hassin’s estate is in our real world, but the old thing is it is abandoned and shabby. We see the manor, and there is a fire coming from one of the windows. We also see the rose garden, inn, stables, and fields. So we decide to check the rest of the place out and work our way towards the manor. The inn was pretty bare and had some booze left. Brande had a weird inkling and decided to carve his initials on the wall. The stables had dried straw, an old saddle with the name ‘Spit-Fire’ on it, & horse bones. We also found journey bread and foot prints that seemed to indicate youth.

As we approach the manor, we see more foot prints. The manor is overrun with ivory. The garden has one rose bush which has been disturbed. We decide to see what’s under the rose bush, we dig it up and find a human skull and put that in our bag (my bad, we didn’t find the skull last session). Belara and Jendra-shan take a rose. We all of a sudden hear chanting coming from that room upstairs in the abyssal language. Jendra-shan can speak abyssal and hears that they are about to invoke something that is white, but they are too far away for her to hear all the words. Pibl heads on up there in rat form to investigate and finds 6 teens with a feeling of a transfer of energy between spirits. One of the teens actually looks like a relative of the Karspen Rank the bar keep from the mist world.

We found on the first floor the kids rooms and we searched them. The kids have food and school books. Tengu wants to interrupt them because they are trying to summon the White Reeve who is an obscure priest of Orcus so that the White Reeve can kill their teachers since they hate school. We also found a prayer book to Orcas which sucks your soul to get energy when you do summoning. Jendra-shan goes in there and yelled at the kids told them that they were losing their souls with this ritual. She involved fear in them to stop and told them to go home. We asked them if they knew Karspen Rank and got their first shock about the time warped mist land, Karspen was one of the teens grandfather, and his grandfather had gone missing never to be heard from again along with several other town members.

So our party decides to try and reach Tranquility while escorting the teens back to their parents to tell them what they had been meddling in. However, they all reached a wall of mist. The kids ran and our party went through the mist with the horseman coming straight at them. The horseman was indignant after we reunited his skull to his body. He doesn’t trust us that we wanted to right the wrong done to him, so in order to gain his trust, he told us to go to the Stone Orchard and retrieve the White Reeve’s Crown to prove our worth by fighting a guy who worships Orcas.

We acquiesced and headed towards the Stone Orchard. As we got closer, we saw a man dragging a corpse without a head. He was an old human who was the grave digger for all those souls who were murdered by the headless horseman. He pointed us in the direction we wanted to go.

We entered a mausoleum were undead creatures were coming out of and followed the tunnel down to a huge cavern and mansion with Orcas symbols everywhere. It was like a huge necropolis. All of the undead creatures stared at us as we passed their houses and workshops, but they steered clear of interacting with us as if on orders not to. As we walked a pathway opened up before us and swallowed up the space we had just walked as if they were leading us somewhere, like the double staircase that opened up in front of us. We headed up to a chamber where there was a lich, skeleton’s that were all enraged, and an undead human bleach white corpse who was in long grey robes.

“Greatings bearer’s of the ‘sacred weapon’” was how the White Reeve addressed us. He thought we had brought him the NecroShard Dagger. Pibl feigned ignorance of such an item which confused the White Reeve. We asked him how to fix the realm. He said there were two ways to end the realm: 1) have the horseman forgive his murderer; or 2) kill the Van Hassin’s for the wrong doing. He continued on to tell us that Eli only wants power. He wanted us to agree with him to kill the Van Hassin’s with the horseman in order to get his crown. The crown is like a necromancies battery. We decide to fight him instead against our better judgment of being surrounded by a city of undead. But we come out victorious.

Loot: inside the desk is a scroll case with a map in it (the map that Tengu wants), on the desk is a letter from this mysterious I figure. He praises the White Reeve for acquiring the Map of Torag and tells him to control it. Inside the closet we find Roku-gan’s skin.
When Tengu opens that Map of Torag up, it screams and images shift. It is said to lead to the teasures. Githzeri said it was too chaotic to use and had tried to lock it away… but now an X has appeared on the map.

Belara takes the Map and Tengu takes the White Reeves Crown and Roku’s skin so we can try the speak with dead ritual on him later

We go back to the no headful horseman and talk to him. We tell him we will have Talitha and Eli apologize for their crimes and he angrily agrees to meet us at the gate when we all come if they will produce an apology. We go to the manor and try to get Eli to come of his own accord, but he is stubborn and won’t… but our story of ending this misery of a world because of what Eli has done gripes the soldiers hearts and they side with our group and force Eli and Talitha to the gate. The entire town follows.

When we all got to the outside of the gate, the horseman road up and waited for them to apologize. Tengu broke the crowds awe in Eli. Eli would not apologize so Belara and Jendra-shan pleaded with Talitha to put this right. The horseman told her that he loved her. But she decided to say that he had taken advantage of her and the horseman went crazy, killed Talitha and then himself. Eli was a complete mess over the death of his daughter. The town was no longer in Autumn and the people walked around as if in a daze now that they were back in the real world, that they had been wrongly stolen from 50 years earlier.

Trapped inside the Mist

We had sent Zaldiar ahead to Fallcrest in order for him to take Shalice back to her family since he said he knew one of them. From there he would meet us at the Green Tower.

On our way back to Fallcrest, we run into Tengu who had left our party on personal business. He had been looking for another gethzeri named Roku-gan who was residing he thought in Tranquility. This gethzeri was said to know about a magical treasure map from the God Torag and it was said to be an item of chaos.

As we continue our journey back to Fallcrest, Calla departs our company on personal business of her own. After that, we come upon a mysterious mist. This mist is the border of the domain of dread and in order to escape, one must understand the nature of the realm. We low and behold, our party, Jendra-shan, Pibl, Belara, Tengu, and Brande get sucked into the mist. It seems that once we can focus our eyes again that we are on the same road. Ominously, however, the trees are all showing the season to have changed to autumn…

As we all try to gain our bearings, we notice a male priest up the road with a symbol to Un the God of knowledge. Our sense of hearing must be dulled as well because the sounds of the wildlife seem to be in slow motion. As we continue walking towards this man, we start to hear house hooves riding our way. The mist seems to thicken. The sound of the horse’s hooves seems menacing and our party decides to hide in the trees. When we see the horseman come, the menacing sight of a black spirit-like horse with a frothing mouth and red eyes with a headless horsemen wielding a sword headed straight towards the priest, Jendra-shan makes a mad dash to try and grab the priest to safety. Unfortunately, the horse beats her there and the horseman beheads the priest.

Jendra-shan had been laying on the ground and luckily the horse and it’s rider just kept their pace after the beheading. The party searched the priest’s dead body for any sort of clue to the world around them. The body has a weird stench and blotches all over it. They find a book titled “By Innocence Undone”. The story in the book was about how there was a man who saved a village from a Hydra. He became the town hero and fell in love with Mayor Eli’s daughter Talitha. But this mayor became jealous of this hero because he had the town’s undying love and was now stealing his daughter’s love from him. The daughter loved her father and under duress accused this valiant hero of taking advantage of her. The town believed her and under Eli’s orders there was no trial, just a beheading. Ever since then, the town has been shrouded in mist and a headless horseman rides in vengeance against the wrong done against him.

The party continued in the opposite direction from the one the horseman had ridden and by some stroke of luck arrived at a gate with an estate behind it. This gate made of Iron and had the words Varathus on it.

They were allowed entrance into the gate and town by the respresentative of Eli, Varinell, but were told that they would need to swear loyalty to Lord Eli of the Van Hassen estate in order to stay and receive the protection of the lord from the headless horseman. The party was shocked to hear the name Eli considering that was the name they had just read about in the book. The learn from Varinell that Eli is looking for new guards. His faith and bravery are what saved them all from the headless horseman. They wish an audience with Eli but are told that they would need to go find the baker of Havenshire and bring him back before they would get an audience. But if they did that, then he would surely thank them. The Lord Eli is temperamental and the baker left town. He continued on to tell them about a town member who was a rogue who tried to get out of this mist and left with 20 good men only to come back, all of them, as zombies. He said that time felt weird here but he didn’t know why. He mentioned the ‘Stone Orchard’ to them which was a cemetery and gave them directions there.

They went to the Traveler’s Rest Inn which was the only inn, to stay the night. There were guards everywhere. The owner of the Inn was Karspen Rank. He said he did not take gold, but rather service. As they are sitting in the Inn eating, it is apparent that Tengu is not the first gethzeri that they have meet. In fact a couple they talked to said they knew another by the name of Roku. Roku, they said, had left for the Abbey of Cherished Jockularity and we got directions towards that place. This couple also told them that Havenshire was a small plot of land with many people who wish to live in safety from the horseman. They mentioned that Eli’s daughter named Talitha!!! (another shocker from the book) wanders the Rose garden on her estate. They were extremely happy for Eli’s faith and bravery but they never saw him because he usually remained in his house.

Belara and Jendra-shan decided to go talk with the daughter, Talitha in the Rose Garden. They tried to go in the main gate, but there was a check point with two humans, one male and one female, and two female half elves and a female dwarf. We rolled really bad on our bluff and aren’t allowed near the estate. So we decided to go around in the woods and made really good rolls. When we got to the garden, we saw Talitha had long black and was 19. She had been trapped in the estate ever since the horseman died about a ‘month’ ago. Something about wanting atonement from the Raven Queen. Eli was a follower of Erathis. Talitha told us that the horseman was buried at a bend near a river and a road. We won over Talitha with tales of adventures that we females did and promised to be her friend and help her have her own adventures.

Early the next day our party snuck out of town to go find the grave of the horseman trying to look for his skull in hopes of giving it back to him. (Pixie houses???) We get near an Abbey and hear a commotion. There are people beating Roku while laughing. They think that laughing will keep the horseman away. They attack us. They also feel that their faith in the Gods keeps the horseman at bay. We defeat them and realize that the Abbey is no longer safe because no one here believes in its gods. We intimidate Roku to come with us to the grave. Roku asks if Tengu wants the map. If he does, Tengu has to prove himself worthy of the map. Escape the land by either 1. Kill horseman and get to the crossroad through the forest (not by the road) and get through the mist; or 2. If the horseman forgives Van Hassins, the world would be healed.

Him healing is in the world of death.

We inspect the grave site, hit bone, and hear galloping.
Encounter with horseman where Tengu stayed near the water. We defeated the horseman and took the skull from the grave.

Acquiring a Manor

Calla has a Book of Tomes with I Study Key which can teleport near doors. If you put the key in the hole, you open a portal to somewhere else.

Once we killed off both the elven witch, we freed the tiefling who was held in the cell. His name was Zaldir Azair a merchant who was apprenticed to the witch & Etheric. He didn’t realize at first that they were aligned with Orcas until it was too late and now he had been with them for a few weeks. He said that Etheric was building constructs that had tentacles and dealt fire and telekinetic damage and swallows its enemies. He has some in the dungeon and was trying to build more to attack Fallcrest for Orcas.

The party (Jendra-shan, Pibl, Belara, Brande, & Calla) decide to go into the dungeon to be rid of these constructs and hopefully find and defeat the wizard. Each of us had to turn the key in order to get in the dungeon and we each ended up in a random room. Pibl, Jen, & Brande land in one room, Belara in another room with three enemies and she ran out the nearest door after seeing herself alone, and Calla was in a room with selves all by herself. Calla found a skull and controls one of the massive skeletons which she climbed on and crashed through the nearest door. In that room, she found prisoners, a female hafling with scars on her face and a strong human male named Chelvin. We battle the skeletons (please add to this battle) and defeat the Wizard Etheric.

Upon looking around, we see a mural of Orcas in one room with writing “Mageorcacy to kill Fallcrest!”

Loot: 3 potions of healing (Jen, Pibl & Belara) and a level 4 magic item for all, 45 everburning torches (we each took 2 for a total of 10).

We decide as a group decide to keep the manor for the Green Tower Guild and name Chelvin as our grounds keep. The female hafling was named Shalice but unfortunately she is brain dead from all the torturing that the wizard and witch did on her. The family is grateful for us returning their daughter despite her fate. Our group brings her back to her family in Fallcrest (Chelvin knew her name before she was tortured). We offer Zaldir an honest apprenticeship with our guild under Nimorazan and he gladly joins.


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