Quantanuminous Peregrination

A Wrong not put Right, but Ended

Once the party defeats the headless horseman, they book it through the forest. First they encounter quicksand, but stealth fully got through it. Then they had to tiptoe their way through the path of undead bodies trying not to wake any and successfully traversed them. The next section to pass had corrupt pollen and we all saw the portal out of this warped land and found our last stretch of endurance and all made it out.

Somehow we make it to where the Van Hassin’s estate is in our real world, but the old thing is it is abandoned and shabby. We see the manor, and there is a fire coming from one of the windows. We also see the rose garden, inn, stables, and fields. So we decide to check the rest of the place out and work our way towards the manor. The inn was pretty bare and had some booze left. Brande had a weird inkling and decided to carve his initials on the wall. The stables had dried straw, an old saddle with the name ‘Spit-Fire’ on it, & horse bones. We also found journey bread and foot prints that seemed to indicate youth.

As we approach the manor, we see more foot prints. The manor is overrun with ivory. The garden has one rose bush which has been disturbed. We decide to see what’s under the rose bush, we dig it up and find a human skull and put that in our bag (my bad, we didn’t find the skull last session). Belara and Jendra-shan take a rose. We all of a sudden hear chanting coming from that room upstairs in the abyssal language. Jendra-shan can speak abyssal and hears that they are about to invoke something that is white, but they are too far away for her to hear all the words. Pibl heads on up there in rat form to investigate and finds 6 teens with a feeling of a transfer of energy between spirits. One of the teens actually looks like a relative of the Karspen Rank the bar keep from the mist world.

We found on the first floor the kids rooms and we searched them. The kids have food and school books. Tengu wants to interrupt them because they are trying to summon the White Reeve who is an obscure priest of Orcus so that the White Reeve can kill their teachers since they hate school. We also found a prayer book to Orcas which sucks your soul to get energy when you do summoning. Jendra-shan goes in there and yelled at the kids told them that they were losing their souls with this ritual. She involved fear in them to stop and told them to go home. We asked them if they knew Karspen Rank and got their first shock about the time warped mist land, Karspen was one of the teens grandfather, and his grandfather had gone missing never to be heard from again along with several other town members.

So our party decides to try and reach Tranquility while escorting the teens back to their parents to tell them what they had been meddling in. However, they all reached a wall of mist. The kids ran and our party went through the mist with the horseman coming straight at them. The horseman was indignant after we reunited his skull to his body. He doesn’t trust us that we wanted to right the wrong done to him, so in order to gain his trust, he told us to go to the Stone Orchard and retrieve the White Reeve’s Crown to prove our worth by fighting a guy who worships Orcas.

We acquiesced and headed towards the Stone Orchard. As we got closer, we saw a man dragging a corpse without a head. He was an old human who was the grave digger for all those souls who were murdered by the headless horseman. He pointed us in the direction we wanted to go.

We entered a mausoleum were undead creatures were coming out of and followed the tunnel down to a huge cavern and mansion with Orcas symbols everywhere. It was like a huge necropolis. All of the undead creatures stared at us as we passed their houses and workshops, but they steered clear of interacting with us as if on orders not to. As we walked a pathway opened up before us and swallowed up the space we had just walked as if they were leading us somewhere, like the double staircase that opened up in front of us. We headed up to a chamber where there was a lich, skeleton’s that were all enraged, and an undead human bleach white corpse who was in long grey robes.

“Greatings bearer’s of the ‘sacred weapon’” was how the White Reeve addressed us. He thought we had brought him the NecroShard Dagger. Pibl feigned ignorance of such an item which confused the White Reeve. We asked him how to fix the realm. He said there were two ways to end the realm: 1) have the horseman forgive his murderer; or 2) kill the Van Hassin’s for the wrong doing. He continued on to tell us that Eli only wants power. He wanted us to agree with him to kill the Van Hassin’s with the horseman in order to get his crown. The crown is like a necromancies battery. We decide to fight him instead against our better judgment of being surrounded by a city of undead. But we come out victorious.

Loot: inside the desk is a scroll case with a map in it (the map that Tengu wants), on the desk is a letter from this mysterious I figure. He praises the White Reeve for acquiring the Map of Torag and tells him to control it. Inside the closet we find Roku-gan’s skin.
When Tengu opens that Map of Torag up, it screams and images shift. It is said to lead to the teasures. Githzeri said it was too chaotic to use and had tried to lock it away… but now an X has appeared on the map.

Belara takes the Map and Tengu takes the White Reeves Crown and Roku’s skin so we can try the speak with dead ritual on him later

We go back to the no headful horseman and talk to him. We tell him we will have Talitha and Eli apologize for their crimes and he angrily agrees to meet us at the gate when we all come if they will produce an apology. We go to the manor and try to get Eli to come of his own accord, but he is stubborn and won’t… but our story of ending this misery of a world because of what Eli has done gripes the soldiers hearts and they side with our group and force Eli and Talitha to the gate. The entire town follows.

When we all got to the outside of the gate, the horseman road up and waited for them to apologize. Tengu broke the crowds awe in Eli. Eli would not apologize so Belara and Jendra-shan pleaded with Talitha to put this right. The horseman told her that he loved her. But she decided to say that he had taken advantage of her and the horseman went crazy, killed Talitha and then himself. Eli was a complete mess over the death of his daughter. The town was no longer in Autumn and the people walked around as if in a daze now that they were back in the real world, that they had been wrongly stolen from 50 years earlier.



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