Quantanuminous Peregrination

Acquiring a Manor

Calla has a Book of Tomes with I Study Key which can teleport near doors. If you put the key in the hole, you open a portal to somewhere else.

Once we killed off both the elven witch, we freed the tiefling who was held in the cell. His name was Zaldir Azair a merchant who was apprenticed to the witch & Etheric. He didn’t realize at first that they were aligned with Orcas until it was too late and now he had been with them for a few weeks. He said that Etheric was building constructs that had tentacles and dealt fire and telekinetic damage and swallows its enemies. He has some in the dungeon and was trying to build more to attack Fallcrest for Orcas.

The party (Jendra-shan, Pibl, Belara, Brande, & Calla) decide to go into the dungeon to be rid of these constructs and hopefully find and defeat the wizard. Each of us had to turn the key in order to get in the dungeon and we each ended up in a random room. Pibl, Jen, & Brande land in one room, Belara in another room with three enemies and she ran out the nearest door after seeing herself alone, and Calla was in a room with selves all by herself. Calla found a skull and controls one of the massive skeletons which she climbed on and crashed through the nearest door. In that room, she found prisoners, a female hafling with scars on her face and a strong human male named Chelvin. We battle the skeletons (please add to this battle) and defeat the Wizard Etheric.

Upon looking around, we see a mural of Orcas in one room with writing “Mageorcacy to kill Fallcrest!”

Loot: 3 potions of healing (Jen, Pibl & Belara) and a level 4 magic item for all, 45 everburning torches (we each took 2 for a total of 10).

We decide as a group decide to keep the manor for the Green Tower Guild and name Chelvin as our grounds keep. The female hafling was named Shalice but unfortunately she is brain dead from all the torturing that the wizard and witch did on her. The family is grateful for us returning their daughter despite her fate. Our group brings her back to her family in Fallcrest (Chelvin knew her name before she was tortured). We offer Zaldir an honest apprenticeship with our guild under Nimorazan and he gladly joins.



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