Quantanuminous Peregrination

Garbald Castle

Our party returns to Fallcrest. We see vines hanging out the 3rd floor window and smoke from the first floor dining room.
Tobolar Quickfoot the Hafling greats us and we see the dining room was turned into an alchemists area for an inventor- new member.
Zaldir Azair apprentice turned into an historian.
Jendra inquires about the other members of the Green Tower Guild to find out that the guild predates the town and had summoned Lord MarkelHay to rule the growing town. The guild had been quite accomplished in its day. There was an unexpected rift between 2 factions where ½ stayed in tower to protect town and stop research and the other ½ wanted to move on to continue research. Nimozaran was young during the Great War and was left behind which is why he thinks he was the last of the Guild. Whether this rift was to resurrect Haramuthur or to cut the ties with God from world is a great mystery to Jendra.
Were some from the guild sent a mission during the great war to try and restore Haramathur whom vanished… so there would only be a handful that could possibly reappear. Maybe some missing guild members were caught up by the mist took Eli’s Manor and people since that corresponds time wise.
Zaldir will research.

On the 3rd floor we had a visitor. Vines green with blood red flowers on were on the walls while in the center of the room was a huge tree and a dryad stirring a cauldron. The tree, Karellyn, and her dryad were a gift from Queen Tiandra sent to create our Garden of Power. Karellyn is powerful and wants to pursue necromancy and asks us to bring her corpses of odd creatures to make us items. For instance, she made us blue fruit to help us heal. (Blue apple= potion of healing & +2 save to cold ongoing). The dryad was currently making sorrow stew, but didn’t know what it did yet.
Tobolar gives us a large yellow gem (worth 500G) from Grundlemar who is a dwarf from Pelor for us dealing with the bandits of Raven Roost… except we didn’t do this and don’t know who did.
Nimozaran wants to find out more information about “I” so he pokes at the teleportation portal. Pibl’s old gang now are followers of Lolth. Someone else must have coordinated the attack on Lucasia’s Corellon temple. Nim gives us Garbald Castle location because he saw shadow energies coming from the north near Grey Down.
About Jendra’s God, Haramathur: little known by others was his part in the Dawn War were he killed himself to seal the rift between the astral sea and the elemental chaos. ½ the guild wanted to reopen the rift to get back Haramathur and the other ½ wants to just honor his memory. Look for the Earth Watch.
We told Nim about the Prince of Frost’s inquiry into obtaining our manor and wanting an alliance. Zaldir will look into this.
In town we get a scroll from vendor.
Belara has the White Reeve Crown.
Temple of the Sun was burned but left rough open while repairing by Gundelmor. He was the one who paid us for taking care of the getting rid of the bandits of Raven Roost who were led by Shadarki. He assumed they were defeated because trade increased and he knew of our reputation so he assumed we had helped him. But why did the Shadarki bandits disappear? Check their base at Ravenroost.
We march on horses North along the Winter River towards Garbald Castle. We come to a cave that has goblin tracks and head inside. Pibl goes in first in rat form to do recon. He hears walking at the door and comes back. We stealth up on the door.
Come across Lyker and his company of the Red Eyes (whom we had played against during the winter games). Lyker is a lieutenant under I and we knew he had to report here. Pibl kills two of the goblins with the Necroshard Dagger and nothing seemed to happen to us. Lyker is unconscious and we locked him in the armory. Pibl takes an amulet on his neck (Amulet +2 Resolution) and Jendra takes the Vagabond Die.
Room A- We head to another room that has a red line on the floor and targets on the opposite wall. There is a ghost floating with a bow and arrow. Pibl de-rats and says hi to the ghost. He doesn’t know who he is, he wanders tunnels and hallways but the goblins made him leave because they didn’t like him & the Queen??? They went to there and he came here…His clothing are very old fashion.
Room B- There are pews and 3 new doors… one to Palor, to Sehenin, and to Un. Beams of light are coming from nowhere. Religion check on light- light in natural form illumination will be. Under Palor’s alter there is a lamp of oil that Pibl finds. Un’s alter has a book on the Podium that is blank all save the last page, “disaster imminent… family Gloom Warlocks Magic.” Sehenin’s area had an empty chest, circle on the floor, one wall on the left had half a circle and the wall on the right had the other half of the circle. Jendra detects magic from the chest and an extra-dimensional hidden compartment. Playing with shadows, we see stuff in compartment, bracers, leather armor, &…
Next room there is a table with broken china and door to kitchen with empty chimney and two more doors to hall or another room.
There is a bare store room
A room with cots that are rotten
A statue room that has a Queen and an Archer statue that are the only ones remaining intact. All the other statues have their heads chopped off. Do we behead and sell for gold… no.
There is a communal bath that is drained. There is a ritual circle to orcas and Brande tries to remove the ritual circle and possibly does. There were 8 copper pieces in the drain.
There is also a large room with an ebony throne to the Raven Queen. On the throne is a Queen garbed in blue (exactly like the statue) holding a mirror. Looking in the mirror, we see goblins in the same exact room playing miramba’s with Orcas symbols. The Queen is also a ghost and doesn’t remember what her family name is. She wants us to move the the light to the darkness and for us to remove the goblins. She gives us her mirror to use.
There is a powder room behind the throne room with a compartment behind the mirror that has a bag of 10 gems each worth 100G that Jendra adds to the group loot. Belara finds a key. There is a hidden door to another room that has a large decayed bed but when we look in the mirror in this room we see a Wilden is being tortured and is moaning.
Looking in mirror in the Sehenin room we see a garish smiley face where the ½ circles were and an alter to Orcas with a phantom goblin. In the center there is a sarcophagus, the phantom is burning the book on the podium for Un and the Palor section is pitch black. The armory is a covered with shadow, the range room there is a goblin bowling with hafling skeletons, dining hall there are goblins looking over documents, in the kitchen there is a goblin cooking and doing dishes, the statue gallery there is a tall black beast (sorrow swarm), the store room has human corpses, the bed room has 12 goblin corpses resting peacefully on the beds, and the bath has clack things yelling.
We wake and talk to Lyker who says we need moon magic, sun power, & deaths permission. He used Orcas’ ritual and I is an Emissary of Orcas and a great goblin. Ghost boss is the lieutenant and the shadowfell reflects real world but here is the opposite. It’s the real world reflecting the shadowfell. He comes with us to the room and tells us to try something with the moon and put the chest in the way of the half circle to open it. We get bracers of mental might on the one half of the circle, Leather armor of Aegis Expansion + 2 in the full circle, and lamp wth symbol of Sehenin with magic conjuration.
Orcas cult on verge of great victory and gathering an armory. Doesn’t like the dagger that Pibl has and wants us to kill him another way.



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