Quantanuminous Peregrination

Session 2 - Dinner and a Slaying Stone

(DM/other players please correct anything incorrect/misspelled)

The PCs are rejoined by their old friends Belara the dwarven warden (played by Lauren) and Pibl the halfling rogue (played by Andrew). Over the course of three weeks, the prestige gained by killing the kobolds and dragging the dead white dragon through town attracted many new recruits to the Green Tower Guild. Nimozaran the Green is very pleased.

The PCs have dinner with Serim Selduzar, third son of a minor tiefling noble from the city of Kiris Dahn to the southwest. He has received word from his contact Treona that his home town is under siege by the goblins of the Severed Eyes. The Severed Eyes are an alliance of goblins, orcs, and kobolds led by someone named Malr; the goblins themselves are led by someone named Heija. The PCs later learn that accounts of battles with the Severed Eyes mention someone named Dreus Matrand, but they aren’t sure why.

Kiris Dahn has long used eight artifacts called Slaying Stones to defend themselves following the fall of Nerath. They were made by ancestors of Selduzar. The eight known stones have been used up, but there are rumors of a ninth stone. Selduzar asks the PCs to travel to Kiris Dahn and assist Treona in finding the lost ninth stone before the goblins of the Severed Eyes do. He will be asking the Lord Warden for assistance in the morning but came to the PCs first because of our past success.

Something seems not right about the conversation, so Pibl uses his ability to transform into a rat to sneak into Selduzar’s room that night and steal a letter he is writing. The letter tells Treona about speaking with us, and is generally consistent with the situation as we know it. Pibl returns the letter.

The PCs make arrangements to travel to Kiris Dahn, acquiring a travel ritual from their Green Tower Guild and horses from the local stable master (and a cart, but it’s left at the Green Tower). They leave a message with the Lord Warden’s steward that they will be assisting Selduzar, so he shouldn’t give any help he won’t need defending Fallcrest in the PCs’ absence. They leave a message at the inn telling Selduzar they will be leaving to help.

The PCs make it to Winter Haven to the west in a day, then travel south toward Kiris Dahn. They are caught in a storm and attacked by ravenous wolves. At the urging of an old woman, they take shelter in a nearby small tower.

Inside the tower they find Treona (the woman who called to them) and Lord Kirin Alkirk, until recently the ruler of Kiris Dahn. The city has fallen to the Severed Eyes, but the Slaying Stone has not yet been found. Treona’s research suggests that the ninth stone could be found in the library, one of the temples, or the Kiris estate. She gives the PCs special ritual scrolls (as well as the ritual components needed to cast the rituals) that will help them search the buildings.

Each Slaying Stone, Triona and Kiris explain, can be used once to melt an enemy into sludge, but are built to only function within 5 miles of the city and cannot be used against the tieflings that made the stones. They were made by the Architects of Victory, tiefling artificers wielding long-lost magics of Bael Turath. Seven were used to slay enemy leaders, and one was stolen and used in a failed coup attempt. The threat of the stones kept the city safe for generations, allowing the decay that felled Nerath to continue and conventional defenses to languish. Once their enemies learned the Stones were spent it was only a matter of time before the city fell. Now that the Severed Eyes are in control, the fear is that they will find the ninth stone and discover a way to create new ones, perhaps without the limitations of the original stone.

The PCs are asked to enter the city, find the stone, and either bring it to Triona to be destroyed or use it and bring its broken remains as proof of its destruction (it breaks after it’s used). They’re welcome to take any loot they can find in the city. The PCs agree, head to the east side of the city, and sneak across the river surrounding the city. Once they get across a neglected expanse of farmland they will be inside the city and can go to the first possible hiding place.

Loot: Blessed Book, Traveler’s Cant ritual, adventure-specific ritual scrolls x12, 75 gp worth of adventure-ritual components x12, a horse for each PC (may have to pay for it later), a cart (ibid) (back at the tower).



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