Quantanuminous Peregrination

The Betrayal

SOOO, we started out in the corn field and crept our way through the streets heading to the library to find the slaying stone with the scrying papers that Treona gave us. We investigate the barn and head to the library. We had an encounter with feral rats and goblins in the library where we fought some goblins with one leader like goblin tearing pages out of a book and creating jelly’s. We found 5 books that Treona had requested and they seem to be about quests. The slaying stone was not found in here.

Next we head to the Temple of Slehenin (?) which is devoted to trickery and love (usually with rogue and elf worshipers). We see a human toss in silver coins to the basin in the center of the room and watch, but nothing happens. Pibl, in rat form, is watching him unnoticed in the corner. We enter and meet Kiris Hoit who is a decedent of the royal line. He was left to die by Kiris Alkirk. In talking to him, we find out that the goblins and kobolds are searching for the ninth slaying stone as well. We feel he’s hiding something, not fully human because he has animalistic rat-like traits. Enemies enter and try to kill Hoit, who is a were-rat. He has knowledge about the captain Hu-jat and we keep him safe. One of the officers we fight, Triflick, has a silver weapon which could severely damage Hoit… I think Sean’s toon takes it and wants to use it on him. We get 90 arrows and short bows.

We learn that the Hobgoblin leader- Hu-jat- does not want to be there with his people. He’s proud, not stupid and is near the Kiris mansion. All of the goblins and hobgoblins are staying away from the hot springs, north-east in the town.

Hoit was locked up because he was a lycanthropic and different/ shunned by the rest of the family including Alkirk. However, he is the only other aire to the throne of Kiris Dahn after Alkirk. Hoit explains further that if Treona gets the slaying stone, or even the remnants of a used one, she could create more and he doesn’t want that too happen.

Hoit joins us and wants to find family and take throne with us not giving the slaying stone to Treona.

We head to the bath/springs next. Arcana scent trail to giant burrow made by something larger than a horse (claw marks on walls). It is a Brass talkative dragon named Tyristys. Calla talks to her telling her about our search for the slaying stone. She has the stone and we bargain with her for it and get it. I am carrying it. She also makes a pact with Hoit that if he becomes ruler (with her backing) and feeds her well, she will back his claim to the throne.

We then for some reason go to the last location, mansion, and fight the main dude Hu-jat… turning his mount into a frog lol. Don’t really remember too much about that fight.

Dennis got a lvl 2 item.

Sean got a lvl 5 item.

We find out that Drayas Matrand is an arcane scholar. She was sent by the Severed Eye to find the slaying stone. I think this was the chic that we ‘fought’.

So we head back to the tower where Treona and Alkirk are with Hoit in tow… not knowing how this will pan out so we go cautiously. Pibl goes into rat form and sneaks to watch Treona and sees that she is covered in blood and has a bloody black ritual dagger. He goes further in and finds Alkirks dead body with it’s throat slit. He comes back and warns us… taking the dagger I think.

We go up and approach her and feign like we don’t know. She asks to excuse herself and I kill her. She had gotten a sending out to the mysterious guy with the letter I that we found a letter from in the first encounter… She had a letter- recreate teifling artifact and Orcas will be pleased.

We as a group, while Calla wanted to do a talk to with Alkirk to find out what happened… we decided that we needed to get back to Fallcrest ASAP so we could interigate the teifling who sent us here. I don’t think we leveled yet.


My notes say we leveled, but you were GMings so you’d know.

The Betrayal

Ekk, sorry everyone, I accidentally posted the summary under Pete’s name. That was me who wrote it. I didn’t remember if we leveled because I forgot to write that. Your probably right Merith :). And I wrote it

The Betrayal

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