Quantanuminous Peregrination

The World Fall Games

As a reminder, the Map of Torug had screamed when looked at by Tengu and a section of the map stilled and became legible with an X marking the Stone Orchard where we had just came from. Our group, Tengu, Jendra-shan, Belara, Brande, and Pibl decide to head back to Fallcrest with Roku-gan’s skin to see if we can speak with his spirit. We also acquired a Demon book- ritual book to Orcas- from those pesky kids. And after our last encounter we had leveled to 4.

The map leads us to the Stone Orchard where there is a mausoleum (I believe we also are meet by Din in the forest right before we head to this way).Writing in Primodial on the mausoleum, which Jendra-shan could read, states “How do you get from the world to the Shadowfell? Time” There is a door there and we presume that opening it may lead us to some sort of time travel? There was a gap under the floor near Pibl. We know that the mysterious I character wants this map to find this place.

Pibl goes to the middle and there was a swirling mass of green energy 2/3s red, blue & green ball. Tengu recognizes it as a githzeri’s ancient puzzle which he proceeds to solve and gets electrocuted and grows younger. Once this happens and we see nothing else, we notice that the X on the map is replaced by a check mark on the map. We search the room and find a grave under that slab Pibl saw with a baby sized casket. The body was there but the baby had been beheaded. We bring the casket back with us so we can do a speak with dead ritual on it as well.

Back in Fallcrest, we go to a vendor who is elven with uncalloused hands. We make a deal with the vendor to buy the Speak with Dead scroll, 140 Residuum, and to get the Remove Afflictions for free, all for 500 gold I believe. However, in order to complete this transaction, we need to find him Starfire Mushrooms found in a sacred meconium circle.

After visiting the vendor, we head to the Green Tower and find there is news from Nimozaran: our group has been invited to participate in the World Fall Games and Nimozaran has accepted for us (roll eyes lol). There will be four teams, the Feywild versus the Empire of Nariath and Queen Tiandra. The two teams from the Empire of Nariath are us, The Green Towe Guild and the Red Eyes from the Horde of Eye. The two Fey teams are the Summer Fey who are friendly with mortals and the Winter Fey who are always plotting. We will compete for shared adventures. There are two tests, one of magic and the other a speaking test, followed by the mock Hunt in the plane of Arvandor. Rewards will be honor and casks of Eladrin Wine.

So we have Nimorazan do the Speak with Dead ritual on Roku’s skin. We roll well and get two questions. First we ask him to tell us everything about the map. The map only reveals itself when willed by wielder who is worthy. It also leads to terrible treasures that will undo the wielder. Our second question asks him about his death. The hybrid White reeve lured others to him with the promise of gaining the Map of Torag. The White Reeve wanted to control the whole domain of the mist. We are uncertain at the end of this talk if we just spoke with a demon and don’t know what to believe. Tengu tried to progress the map, but it turns his hair black, giving him back more of his youth.

We gave our residuum to Nimorazan to do one more speak with dead on the baby’s body. We again got lucky and got two questions and hoped that the baby had enough wits to give us a reply. The baby, was indeed an older person who aged backwards as Tengu is doing. They followed the Map of Torag to try and gain immortality so they could stay alive to see their grandchildren’s wedding. We asked him how long this process took and he responded only a few days. This alarmed us because we didn’t know what to do to help Tengu.

We head to the World Fall Games after making our emblem (a grey tower on a green background with crisscrossing swords underneath it). We are greeted by Lucasia the spring nymph who will be presiding over the games. The summer fey are eladrin and they have a centaur for their leader. The winter fey are eladrin frost knights and have two Gnome leaders- Gamon and Chizy. The Red Eyes are a band of green and brown goblins that we detests with a blue skinned gremlin named Lyker as their leader.

Test 1 of Magic-Summer Fey Thorn Golem
All four teams are given various items, Alchemists fire, acid, frost, and spark, fey mustard which is waxy, sore wood seeds which fly, honey, water, caltrops, buckets, rope, fishing line, snares, and pullies. Each group has a path and at the end of that path is a garden of flowers that we must protect. We can use any of the materials we have for this and the team that either slows the monster the most or completely destroys the monster will win. The trick is, you can only have the items in the path of the golem and you cannot use magic from the sidelines.
The winter fey weigh it down with ice… and that’s all they do. The Red Eyes use snare traps and the catapult with acid and fire. The fire seemed to do significant damage. The summer fey didn’t do that much better. When we did a knowledge check, we learned that the golem is vulnerable to fire.

We did a bunch of different things. We made several waves. Wave one would have a bunch of snares were honey would be stuck to the legs, while a fire trap would be set off at the same time and the golem would walk into a bucket with spark traps and caltrops at the bottom. The second wave had water, spark trips falling fire and acid. And we repeated these waves several times until the end. So it was that the Green Tower Guild did the most damage to the golem and therefore won the Magic test.

While we were waiting for the next test, the winter fey gnomes approach our team and tell us that their Prince of Frost has an interest in buying our real estate (the manor that we have Chelvin running for us). He will give us six suits of armor laced with blue vines (fire resistant +2) for the estate, along with trading opportunities and an alliance, etc. We tell them we will consider the offer.

Test 2- Talking Contest- Sage Tree
We have to travel to the feywild and answer the Sage Tree’s question. The Sage Tree is 12 feet wide and over 100 feet tall. Lucasia accompanies us and we won the right to go first. It was extremely magical her and the Sage Tree sprouted four human faces from branches. The tree asked us about the ethics of killing. We don’t truly know exactly what happened with the other groups as we all had to face the tree alone with Lucasia. But the Summer Fey won, but not by much so we were able to get a head start on the Hunt.

Lucasia touches somethings head, it was tainted by darkness, a spell messing up time.

The Hunt and the Autumn Nymph
We are all to hunt the Autumn Nymph and obtain the wreath of flowers placed there by Lucasia, her sister. This Autumn nymph is orange and seems to be floating. We kick ourselves in the butt for not paying more attention to the Winter Fey Gnomes’ song about the deer, turtle, wolf and rabbit and which one has to do with which season because we are to hunt one of these animals. In order to win, we need to remember which one represents Autumn, but the only one we remember is that the wolf represents winter. So we head after the deer… and that winds up being wrong. We have an encounter with giant spores. Upon completing and winning our fight with the spores, we find various varieties of mushrooms including the Starfire Mushroom that the vendor wants back at Fallcrest and we gather some of it before heading out to look for the Autumn Nymph.



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