Quantanuminous Peregrination

Webs and puddles

We head after the turtle, only for it to talk to us extremely slow and we realize that it was the fucking rabbit the whole time… grr.

On our way to the rabbit, we see a bunch of the winter fey’s gear scattered about with some of them dead. We finally see the Autumn Nymph and have an encounter that we almost didn’t live through. There was two massive tree ents and I need someone else to fill in what else happened in this encounter. I remember using up like 3 healing potions and my last decision to attack the tree ent instead of healing Brande which saves the day. We get the wreath and head back to the portal inside the temple we came through (which had the Sage Tree inside). We pass the Winter Fey who look like they are licking their wounds after a battle. They were waiting outside the temple. We notice that the temple’s color has changed from bluish/green to red and we rush inside.

Lucasia is being attacked by the Sage Tree when we enter. It appears the tree is acting on orders and not of its own free will. Our group, Tengu, Jendra-shan, Brande, Belara, & Pibl (Din was away), rush in to save her. Tengu finds out that the trees root mechanisms need to be fixed while bloodied to cure it. Pibl rolls well and fixes these mechanisms by taking spider webs out (indicative of Lolth who is enemies with Corelon). Despite saving both Lucasia and the Sage Tree, the light from Corelon has left the temple and the ground is no longer consecrated and actually feels chaotic. Tengu turns to a young adolescent.

Lucasia inspects and decides that whoever attacked her has stolen the ritual book needed to get us back to our world. If we don’t retrieve this ritual book, we will be stuck in the feywild. She needs to replace important mushrooms that were killed to recreate the portal circle to get back to the games grounds. We give her all of the mushrooms we found fighting the spores except the starfire mushrooms which she doesn’t need. She is able to plant them and fix the circle. We also show her that we have the wreath and sub sequentially win the games.

We rush out of the temple to find the ritual book and come upon both the summer and the winter fey (what’s left of them). We tell them what’s happened and the summer fey and Gamon go to protect Lucasia while Chizy accompanies us to help us understand defeat something that is fey. We are to find the ritual book which is a pink flower with sigils on it.

The Red Eyes goblins are heading towards the temple. There is something in the forest ahead of us that they could not find because they have no fey with them. As we pass them, Pibl swipes a scroll off of one of the goblin leaders. It is a letter from the mysterious I character to their leader Lyker the gremin. He is to report to the lieutenant that will be awaiting him at Garbald Castle on the Winter River once the games are completed.

The Northeast side of the forest is diseased and has a mist that is killing the trees. Chizy blows snow onto a piece of land that is in her hands and she gets an image of a hut in the center. We go charging toward the hidden hut. There is an old women stirring stew with rats nibbling on her toes and the flower that we need in her hair.

The rats know Pibl because he deserted King Toy. The old woman’s new friend ‘rats’ are mad him, they turn into black eyed haflings. We have an encounter and defeat the old woman and the rats (anyone who remembers can add details here).

When the fight is over, Tengu turns to a toddler and a guy with a spear who was not engaged in the fight but watching over it the whole time comes forward. He is the devil and Tengu did not satisfy him and disintegrates into a puddle.

Bracers of Archery for Din
Iron arm bands of Power +2 to melee for Belara
Garden of Power put into out Green Tower from the Summer Nymph Lucasia for helping her.
Cortier’s Cape +2 to all members (Din, Belara, Brande, Pibl)
6 Casks of Elven Wine (worth 280 gold each)
On the a dead rat of Lolth, we find a key from Kutless Island in the City of Luscan to the South where Pibl hails from.
We all level to 5.



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