Thorn of Dorse

A NecroShard Dagger

weapon (melee)

The dagger is a component in a communication ritual used as the focus. Other components needed are a ritual book, ritual scroll, and human skull. It lets the bearer of the dagger and those nearby talk to Asserrerac who is the bearer of souls, associated with places of evil such as tomb of horrors which he created for grisly deaths. He is for furthering the cause of Orcus against the Raven Queen. When the dagger is used and kills- souls taken by killing with the dagger are given to Asserrerac to be sorted (could go to Orcas but doesn’t necessarily have to). This is an allusion to gaining Orcas’ favor when one used the dagger to kill.
~Zaldir the Historian


Pibl acquired this dagger after stealing it from Triona. It was used to murder Kiris Alkirk and sent his soul to Orcas. It is unknown if every time this weapon lands a killing blow, the soul is given to Orcas, so Pibl restrains from landing the killing blow with this weapon.

Another strange encounter happened upon entering the White Reeves chamber. He greeted us by calling us the bearer’s of the ‘sacred weapon’ and then was confused when we feigned we did not know what he was talking about.

Thorn of Dorse

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