Quantanuminous Peregrination

Gangs and Wizards

Jendra-shan, Pibl, Belara, Tengu, Calla make haste back to Fallcrest after their unexpected encounter with Triona. Accompanying them is Hoit, now Kiris Hoit and the last known living ruler to Kiris Dahn. We have decided to take Alkirk’s body back to our home in the Green Tower to have Nimozaran help us try and do a Raise Dead ritual on him to try and understand why Triona betrayed him.
Nimozaran could not do the raise dead spell for us, so he directed us to go to the Temple of Erathis (13) at 10 am and speak to Derina Moonbrow the High Priestess for assistance.
Immediately after finding this out, our group heads to the Nentir Inn (4) to find Serim Selduzar the tiefling who sent us on the mission to Kiris Dahn in the first place. Due to Triona being a traitor, we are not sure if he is the same. He’s there and awaiting our return and becomes all excited upon seeing our group enter the inn. Upon hearing that Triona was a traitor and what she did to Alkirk and about the letter to this mysterious I character, he shows sincere surprise turned to anger. We left him to his grief.
We find out that Orcus was the Demon Lord of the undead and his aim is the death of the Raven Queen.
Since it is evening and we have to wait for the morning before we can go to the temple, Calla decides to take a stroll through the town. While walking, she sees an ambiguous couple talking. She eavesdrops on their conversation. The first woman is an elven wizard in a black and red robe with brown long hair. The second woman was a human druid with filthy feathers on her cloak, a bow strung over her shoulder and daggers lining her belt. The wizard was asking the druid’s help with something that was undecipherable. But what had sparked Calla’s interest was the questioning about the newer town members that lived in the tower who killed the white dragon. She also overheard something about a person named Etheric wanting the slaying stone and having a lot of money to get the job done. Calla hurriedly left when the women departed and went back to her companions to report something odd. Ironically, the party members had received a dinner invite to meet with a wizard named Etheric at 6pm.
The next morning at 10am, the party heads to the Temple of Erathis (13) which was made of beautiful marble and they are met by a woman in her 60’s. This was Derina Moonbrow and she did indeed agree to help do the ritual of Raise Dead on Alkirk. She told the party that it would take her the rest of the afternoon and evening to prepare herself and asked them to come back after dinner. He asking price was 500 gold and the party willingly paid her and were on their way.
While they waited for dinner with this wizard Etheric, they asked around about the two women that Calla had overheard the night before. They found out that Fallcrest had two gangs, 1) The 6 Shadows, & 2) The River Rats. The Lucky Gnome Taphouse (28) is the home of The 6 Shadows and both are run by the taller than normal hafling, Kelson.
They head to Lord Farrin and make a report about what has befallen Alkirk and Kiris Dahn. Lord Farrin encourages Kiris Hoit to repopulate Kiris Dahn and offers him asylum until he is ready to return to his homeland.
It is finally coming up to 6pm and the group goes and has dinner with the Wizard Etheric. He is a pointy eared elf with a mullet who encourages people of arcane talent to experiment and build constructs. He doesn’t like the Raven Queen (?). He wants us to go to a labyrinth in Thunder Spire Mountain and find the Well of Demons (Demon Lord) and to clean it out and form an alliance (don’t have all the information here). Something to do with Mages of Sarun who wear masks and the Seven Pillared Hall. He will pay us 500 gold. He already has a guide arranged for us (which is kind of weird because we haven’t even accepted the task yet).
We are to meet Kenra Staff Thruster at Moonwash Falls (21). This lady is the druid that Calla overheard earlier. We accept the task and for safe keeping and to not harm anyone we leave behind in the Green Tower, Jendra-shan keeps the Slaying Stone on her.
We head back to the Temple of Erathis (13) and find to our chagrin that despite all of Derina’s efforts, she was unsuccessful. His soul could not be raised because his soul was claimed by the demon lord Orcus when he was slain with the black ritual dagger. I wonder if there is any way for us to save his soul from Orcus…
Hoit decides that he will indeed be the ruler of Kiris Dahn… he possibly gets aide from Lord Farrin to return…
The next morning at 6 am, our party went to meet Druid Kenra Staff Thruster at Moonwash Falls. We were set up and attacked by The 6 Shadow gang. We fought a ton of minions and killed our ‘guide’ Kenra. Brande decided to not kill the last gang member so we could question him. There was no loot in killing these people because Etheric’s gold in the pouch had disappeared. We looked for the 500 gold he gave us and that too had disappeared. When the guy came around, he said his name was Strang Uldhelm and that he was now the last living member of The 6 Shadows. His gang was paid to kill our party because Etheric wanted us out of Fallcrest to continue on with his plans for Fallcrest. We decide to bring Strang back to town gave him 30 gold for his troubles in hopes that we created an alliance with him.
We went to the Lucky Gnome Taphouse (28) to try and find out where Etheric was. He was last seen leaving on horseback with a lady heading to the Moonhills. We are pissed and decide to pursue him. In our pursuit we see a manor up ahead. Pibl inspects and sees the witch in red and black robes on the first floor and a teifling held in a cell on the third floor, no sign of Etheric. Pibl decides to try and save the tiefling but the window had ruins on it and witch went to fight him on the third floor. Brande shatters the front door and Jendra-shan bursts doors and two zombie hounds (zombies automatically go to zero hit points with a critical hit). [Please fill in any more information about this fight for me]

Loot- chest containing 1,000 gold; ritual book that went to Calla with last sight vision, comprehend languages, brew potion, and fool’s gold; and a book on the Raven Queen.

The Betrayal

SOOO, we started out in the corn field and crept our way through the streets heading to the library to find the slaying stone with the scrying papers that Treona gave us. We investigate the barn and head to the library. We had an encounter with feral rats and goblins in the library where we fought some goblins with one leader like goblin tearing pages out of a book and creating jelly’s. We found 5 books that Treona had requested and they seem to be about quests. The slaying stone was not found in here.

Next we head to the Temple of Slehenin (?) which is devoted to trickery and love (usually with rogue and elf worshipers). We see a human toss in silver coins to the basin in the center of the room and watch, but nothing happens. Pibl, in rat form, is watching him unnoticed in the corner. We enter and meet Kiris Hoit who is a decedent of the royal line. He was left to die by Kiris Alkirk. In talking to him, we find out that the goblins and kobolds are searching for the ninth slaying stone as well. We feel he’s hiding something, not fully human because he has animalistic rat-like traits. Enemies enter and try to kill Hoit, who is a were-rat. He has knowledge about the captain Hu-jat and we keep him safe. One of the officers we fight, Triflick, has a silver weapon which could severely damage Hoit… I think Sean’s toon takes it and wants to use it on him. We get 90 arrows and short bows.

We learn that the Hobgoblin leader- Hu-jat- does not want to be there with his people. He’s proud, not stupid and is near the Kiris mansion. All of the goblins and hobgoblins are staying away from the hot springs, north-east in the town.

Hoit was locked up because he was a lycanthropic and different/ shunned by the rest of the family including Alkirk. However, he is the only other aire to the throne of Kiris Dahn after Alkirk. Hoit explains further that if Treona gets the slaying stone, or even the remnants of a used one, she could create more and he doesn’t want that too happen.

Hoit joins us and wants to find family and take throne with us not giving the slaying stone to Treona.

We head to the bath/springs next. Arcana scent trail to giant burrow made by something larger than a horse (claw marks on walls). It is a Brass talkative dragon named Tyristys. Calla talks to her telling her about our search for the slaying stone. She has the stone and we bargain with her for it and get it. I am carrying it. She also makes a pact with Hoit that if he becomes ruler (with her backing) and feeds her well, she will back his claim to the throne.

We then for some reason go to the last location, mansion, and fight the main dude Hu-jat… turning his mount into a frog lol. Don’t really remember too much about that fight.

Dennis got a lvl 2 item.

Sean got a lvl 5 item.

We find out that Drayas Matrand is an arcane scholar. She was sent by the Severed Eye to find the slaying stone. I think this was the chic that we ‘fought’.

So we head back to the tower where Treona and Alkirk are with Hoit in tow… not knowing how this will pan out so we go cautiously. Pibl goes into rat form and sneaks to watch Treona and sees that she is covered in blood and has a bloody black ritual dagger. He goes further in and finds Alkirks dead body with it’s throat slit. He comes back and warns us… taking the dagger I think.

We go up and approach her and feign like we don’t know. She asks to excuse herself and I kill her. She had gotten a sending out to the mysterious guy with the letter I that we found a letter from in the first encounter… She had a letter- recreate teifling artifact and Orcas will be pleased.

We as a group, while Calla wanted to do a talk to with Alkirk to find out what happened… we decided that we needed to get back to Fallcrest ASAP so we could interigate the teifling who sent us here. I don’t think we leveled yet.

Session 2 - Dinner and a Slaying Stone

(DM/other players please correct anything incorrect/misspelled)

The PCs are rejoined by their old friends Belara the dwarven warden (played by Lauren) and Pibl the halfling rogue (played by Andrew). Over the course of three weeks, the prestige gained by killing the kobolds and dragging the dead white dragon through town attracted many new recruits to the Green Tower Guild. Nimozaran the Green is very pleased.

The PCs have dinner with Serim Selduzar, third son of a minor tiefling noble from the city of Kiris Dahn to the southwest. He has received word from his contact Treona that his home town is under siege by the goblins of the Severed Eyes. The Severed Eyes are an alliance of goblins, orcs, and kobolds led by someone named Malr; the goblins themselves are led by someone named Heija. The PCs later learn that accounts of battles with the Severed Eyes mention someone named Dreus Matrand, but they aren’t sure why.

Kiris Dahn has long used eight artifacts called Slaying Stones to defend themselves following the fall of Nerath. They were made by ancestors of Selduzar. The eight known stones have been used up, but there are rumors of a ninth stone. Selduzar asks the PCs to travel to Kiris Dahn and assist Treona in finding the lost ninth stone before the goblins of the Severed Eyes do. He will be asking the Lord Warden for assistance in the morning but came to the PCs first because of our past success.

Something seems not right about the conversation, so Pibl uses his ability to transform into a rat to sneak into Selduzar’s room that night and steal a letter he is writing. The letter tells Treona about speaking with us, and is generally consistent with the situation as we know it. Pibl returns the letter.

The PCs make arrangements to travel to Kiris Dahn, acquiring a travel ritual from their Green Tower Guild and horses from the local stable master (and a cart, but it’s left at the Green Tower). They leave a message with the Lord Warden’s steward that they will be assisting Selduzar, so he shouldn’t give any help he won’t need defending Fallcrest in the PCs’ absence. They leave a message at the inn telling Selduzar they will be leaving to help.

The PCs make it to Winter Haven to the west in a day, then travel south toward Kiris Dahn. They are caught in a storm and attacked by ravenous wolves. At the urging of an old woman, they take shelter in a nearby small tower.

Inside the tower they find Treona (the woman who called to them) and Lord Kirin Alkirk, until recently the ruler of Kiris Dahn. The city has fallen to the Severed Eyes, but the Slaying Stone has not yet been found. Treona’s research suggests that the ninth stone could be found in the library, one of the temples, or the Kiris estate. She gives the PCs special ritual scrolls (as well as the ritual components needed to cast the rituals) that will help them search the buildings.

Each Slaying Stone, Triona and Kiris explain, can be used once to melt an enemy into sludge, but are built to only function within 5 miles of the city and cannot be used against the tieflings that made the stones. They were made by the Architects of Victory, tiefling artificers wielding long-lost magics of Bael Turath. Seven were used to slay enemy leaders, and one was stolen and used in a failed coup attempt. The threat of the stones kept the city safe for generations, allowing the decay that felled Nerath to continue and conventional defenses to languish. Once their enemies learned the Stones were spent it was only a matter of time before the city fell. Now that the Severed Eyes are in control, the fear is that they will find the ninth stone and discover a way to create new ones, perhaps without the limitations of the original stone.

The PCs are asked to enter the city, find the stone, and either bring it to Triona to be destroyed or use it and bring its broken remains as proof of its destruction (it breaks after it’s used). They’re welcome to take any loot they can find in the city. The PCs agree, head to the east side of the city, and sneak across the river surrounding the city. Once they get across a neglected expanse of farmland they will be inside the city and can go to the first possible hiding place.

Loot: Blessed Book, Traveler’s Cant ritual, adventure-specific ritual scrolls x12, 75 gp worth of adventure-ritual components x12, a horse for each PC (may have to pay for it later), a cart (ibid) (back at the tower).

Session 1- Kobold Hall

All the characters Jendra-Shan, Melech, Muragaki, and Calla met up in a tavern in Fallcrest and somehow became a group. We overheard that there was an issue with Kobolds being more organized and attacking people on the road and bothering the town of Fallcrest.
So we spoke with Nemorizan the Green the Septarc of the Wizard tower first. He had a Hafling receptionist who was rather annoying… and unbelievably the wizards pathetic apprentice. I think Muragaki wanted to kill him for being so annoying actually. The wizard said if we found out what was creating unison between the Kobolds, he would be grateful and give us access to his guild (which was an old guild but now he is the only member because he is trying to resurrect it) and to his portal.
After that we spoke with Lord Farren Marplehay- Lord Warden of Fallcrest. He lives in Moonstone keep. He told use he would reward us 10 G per Kobold head (we wanted to trick him for double the gold being we cute off ears… but decided against that; as well as 100 G.
He told us to check with Teldorthin Ironhues the Dwarf before leaving to buy supplies with a discount. He was like, more adventurer’s… great. But he asked us to recapture his lost armor (green dragon hide) that was stolen from a raid on his caravan and he would reward us with 200G.

We proceeded to go to Kobold Hall and walked through 5 different rooms, each room with a different amount of enemies and traps. The first room had a sledge pit. The second room had the make shift alter to Tiamont and dark alters. The third room had a sledge pit and skull trap with double doors with enemies on the ledges. This was were we disabled them from attacking us by making the swinging ball just swing instead of them catching it (hard to explain lol). I think Melech opened the door after I climbed the ledge and was surrounded by enemies, only to see that I was surrounded by enemies and be like o f*&^. The fourth room had an island creating a perfect circle for the boulder that was ten feet high to roll around… This room had a Kobold Worm Priest on a far ledge. Jendra had an amazing moment (since it’s me… I don’t remember the other people’s amazing moments being it was about a month ago)… she climbed the island and timed it perfectly to run on the boulder and jump on the ledge with the foes. We defeated them and found a Sealed Letter of Orcus written in Draconic which we had to wait until we saw Nemorizan because we couldn’t read it. We thought we were done because there were no obvious doors, but we found a secret door to the last room that was increasingly colder with each step… only to find a corridor with a Frost Dragon at the end. Somehow, we miraculously defeat it (without taking much damage because the Dragon rolled crappy lol). There was treasure in the back of the room… but the frozen pond in the center called to Jendra being something magical… There most definitely was a magical item at the bottom… but nothing we did would even crack the ice.

We had found the Green Dragon Hide and returned it to Teldorthin… along with the frost dragon and asked him if he could create gloves I think… He agreed and said it would take him a long time. The Letter was signed with the letter I and was a Goblin Warlord who was trying to amass the monsters for an attack and take over of Fallcrest. And we are now a part of Nemorizan’s Guild. We have been made heroes in Fallcrest… but we won’t stay in one of the tavern’s because they shunned our diverse group in the beginning.

I also made note of the Temple of Arathis which is the biggest in the town… and Derina Moonbrow who is the High Priest who sells limited access to ritual scrolls:
Hand of Fate; Cure Disease; Raise Dead; Remove Affliction
Also includes shrines to Ioun and Mordan.


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