Quantanuminous Peregrination

A Map of Impending Doom

QP June 8, 2013
We grab Lyker and hide in a room right before the world shifts from the living Prime Material World to the dead Shadowfell. There was a goblin shape in the fire who seems to be cursed. Pibl goes under door and we go through as well.
We fightwe killed phantom fire goblin but we forgot to check the room when leaving and Jendra gets attacked by a tangible goblin that has tainted claws. The Ghost Boss phases through walls while we fight and puts out an all call to all monsters in Garbald Castle to run to the crown room.We charge the room with enemies on our heels. Ghost Boss in room next to Wilden. Pibl kills 2 orcs with the Necroshard Dagger (up to 4) sending them to Orcus as well as killing Lyker behind our backs because he wanted to (up to 5).
Brande heals the Wilden who seems to have been here for a very long time because the last Fall Games he remembers is when the Medusa got petrified (approximately 50 years ago). His name is Kimaulthan a follower of Corellon who was trying to restore Garbald Castle. He is from Senaliesse and came on the behest of the Summer Queen Tiandra. He is missing his weapon whom the goblins had taken. We tell him we recently won the Fall Games. He finds his cudgel and gives it to Brande.
We found a map of the Nentir Vale which was the paper the goblins had been so gleeful over earlier when we looked in the mirror. It depicts 3 armies attacking Fallcrest.
Red Army coming from Troll Caves and passing Winter Haven
Blue Army- a ghoul horde coming to attack Ravenroost which would effectively cut of Hammerfast from giving Fallcrest aide. This is probably the reason we were paid that yellow gem from Gundelmor the dwarf. Writing on this part of map says “Sieze shadow Crossing”
Green Army from Chaos and heading to Kiris Dahn where Kiris Hoit and Tyristys are. Map says “kill rat, dominate dragon” with a symbol of Torag signed by the Temple of Yellow Skulls.
Loot 1,000G; chain mail shallow grave armor +2; Armor of Aegis for Jendra.
We use the circle to warp back to living. We won’t be able to access Shadowfell outside Garbald Castle. Kimulthan comes with us.
As we approach Fallcrest, we see a big tent and a party with fireworks coming from the Green Tower. We inquire as to what is happening and find out that Armis Camroff sold a sickle that Brande sold to him to a noble man for three times the price that Brande got from Armis. We do more inquiring and find out the buyer of the Sickle (which was from the headless horseman) was none other than van Hassen in the south.
Zaldir is not back yet.
We brought Lyker’s body to Karellyn and her dryad to make us something with.
Finally, we convince Strang to have the gangs in Fallcrest form fortifications to protect the town from the coming danger and he does.



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