Quantanuminous Peregrination

An Undead Wererat and an Angry Dragon

QP on July 13, 2013
A wizard from Winterhaven to the NW comes to offer us aide. His name is Ethan Hawk (Sean’s new character) and he brings a note from his trainer and master, Tinder, for Nimozeran. Nim is confused because Tinder has been dead 40 years, but Ethan assures us that he is his trainer and alive and well. And Nim can’t shake the fact that the letter looks like Tinder’s authentic hand.
So which army do we pursue… we decide to pursue the Green Army and try to save our ally Kiris Hoit and Tyristas in Kiris Dahn.
Zaldir comes back just as we are about to leave with information.
Necromancer’s Dagger: He traveled the Endless Road near where we battled the White Reeve. The dagger is a component in a communication ritual used as the focus. Other components needed are a ritual book, ritual scroll, and human skull. It lets the bearer of the dagger and those nearby talk to Asserrerac who is the bearer of souls, associated with places of evil such as tomb of horrors which he created for grisly deaths. He is for furthering the cause of Orcus against the Raven Queen. When the dagger is used and kills- souls taken by killing with the dagger are given to Asserrerac to be sorted (could go to Orcas but doesn’t necessarily have to). This is an allusion to gaining Orcas’ favor when one used the dagger to kill.
Our Manor and why Prince of Frost wants it: The Winter Fey patrons are all searching for two people; Shercea which is the Prince’s love and Hayne Kasar who is her lover. They both betrayed him and he is promoting vengeance against them. He is sworn to live a life of total sadness or love and so to are his people. He has his patron’s families held hostage until they find these two and is not one to break an oath. He wants our manor to get a stronghold in our realm so he can continue his search for these two who betrayed him.
Zaldir’s new research tasks are:
1. Find out what’s happening with desecration of Corellon’s temple. Grouch- Lolth associated with her.
2. Any information on Lolth
3. Look into Brande’s missing master.
Right before we leave we stop by to see Teldorthan Ironhues to see if he’s completed any of the Dragon armor from the white dragon we slew. We found him bloodied and his hands maimed from an attack from rats. He is no longer able to silver and we know that it is Pibl’s old band of wererats trying to get rid of silver weapons. Brande heals him. He told us that a cart of silver was also stolen by them.
We set off for Kiris Dahn. On our way there we see a dead body and a wagon that is overturned and a mull wandering aimlessly. We capture the mull and take the cart which oddly has all of its inventory except the silver. This makes sense when we see not only humanoid footsteps but also rat tracks. The dead man was Baltimore, the jeweler going to Fallcrest. 250G is on here.
As we approach Kiris Dahn which looked like it had started getting rebuild since last we had been there, we see a battle ensuing.
Fight A we see frog-like creatures attacking Kiris Hoit and the refuges.
Fight B we see a genasi heading towards the dragon cave with oozes following.
Not wanted Tyristys to be dominated and make the fighting that much harder, we go after the genasi. He gets to her before we could but Jen zaps him with the Slaying Stone. Jendra catches the orb that had been dominating Tyristys who demands it back. Jen throws it to her and she flies off angrily.
We head back to try and help Kiris Hoit and the towns folk. However, all the towns folk are dead and Kiris Hoit is an undead wererat. Unfortunately we kill Kiris Hoit and the frog guys.
Loot: 2 potions of healing (Jendra); crocodile skin (250G);
Tyristys’ horde: 1550 gp 2000 sp; topaz 500gp; 4 pearls- 100gp each; 2 jades- 100 gp each; ivory recorder 250 gp Jendra; gloves of dire badger 250 gp; silver pitcher kept at Green tower; large dwarven throwing crag hammer Belara; resilience amulet +2 neck Belara; periapt of cascading health +2 neck Ethan; glittering elven chain shirt armor Jendra; short silver sword magic +2 Pibl.
Brande laid dead bodies in Raven Queen symbol and lit them on fire.
For the sake of distance, we trust the Lord Warden to take care of the blue army and we try to cut off the Red Army and Trolls. We know that the Lord Warden has prepared fortifications and notifications were sent to Hammerfest for aide. So we start heading towards our Manor. Ethan will make our 3 bottles and cask of wine into molitave cocktails and other fire/acid attacks for troll destruction. We bring the cart with us. (which was promptly forgotten lol).



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