Quantanuminous Peregrination

I and Orcus defeated, for now

While walking to take care of the Red Army towards our manor, we see smoke and head towards it. We come across Tobolar, Zaldir, & Chelvin being chased around by 4 trolls weaving through patches of fire. We come to their aide and learn after defeating the trolls that they had used the manors stores of wine to create the fires to fend off the trolls.
Tobolar gives Ethan Wand of Midly Distracting Images.
Then all of a sudden a huge gust of icy wind puts out the fires and we see Gamu and Qizzi the gnomes from the Fall Games come toward us applauding us for our gallantry. The request us to follow them to Kobold Hall saying they are hearing us being called there by a primal spirit and we go. It is calling also for help, peace, & forgiveness.
So we follow them and as we approach, we hear our names being called. The pond is still frozen but it’s clear that it is thinner. There is a ghostly wolf pacing and Jendra notices that it’s focus is on Belara who also has primal powers. It is not threatening her, but more seeing if she is up to the task. Belara offers her hand to be sniffed. She decides to smash the ice which shatters. Jendra touches the liquid which is more an ooze and instantly feels an immense sadness connected to Haramathur. Jendra jumps in and swims to the bottom to find ruins of her Aegis all around her. Her perception for anything else failed and she goes back to report to the party. Brande touches the liquid and instantly it starts to violently shake, taking on a humanoid image that eventually resembles Brande.
It speaks to us and tells us it is Haramathur’s tears and that they fear it is Haramathur’s final hour due to Orcus and Lolth. At that very minute I was in the Green Tower performing magic. We are asked to stop him and the tears turn to Jendra and say that she is the chosen one and that her Aegis is the key to stopping I. The ooze goes onto Brande.
We head out of the chamber to Gamu and Qizzi surrounded by not only one ghost wolf, but twenty. They offer us aide because the Prince of Frost said that If the barrier between the fey world and ours collapsed, then the fey would be weakened as it had already been starting to weaken. Gamu and Qizzi use their magic to materialize 5 of the wolves and we make haste to the Green Tower. (12 speed when outdoors on wolf).
Fallcrest’s homes are abandoned and a battle rages near the castle. We see our tower in smoke and head for it. As we approach the bridge, we are stopped by many goblins on it and right in the front of the tower is a siege engine in the shape of a huge rat (King Toy) run by two haflings. On the third floor of the tower a goblin speaks to us and tells us he only needs 5 more minutes to desecrate the ruins to convert them to the power of Orcus instead of Haramathur. We battle our way through the ghouls doing many daring jumps while on wolf back. Jendra runs ahead with the single mission to stop I from desecrating Haramathur’s ruins. She sees that Nimozaran is dead on the first floor. Our dryad friend Karellyn is throwing up sick on the second floor from Orcus’ taint. While she is doing this, Pibl and Ethan battle King Toy inside the siege engine while Belara and Brande help outside.
They all make it to battling I and Jendra’s Aegis is extremely effective at blocking I’s attacks against the ruins where none others are. Her and Ethan both get flung out of the tower just as the other three deal the final blows to I (who is a priestess of Lolth and Orcus Cultist).
Brande takes the wand of Orcus that I had and channels his healing surges through it praying to the Raven Queen to destroy the siege engine. It is turned into hundreds of crows that all flew off in the same direction… leaving King Toy who had previously been the subject of Ethan’s Wand of Mildly Distracting Thoughts making him think he was in a cage with hair that wouldn’t stop growing. Now he has a fear of crows for the duration of his short life, for Pibl kills him with his own sword. Thus making Pibl in the remaining Dead Rats, the new leader.
Ethan finds a map in I’s pocket of where he had obtained the siege engine. This leads to the Creation Forge.
Jendra gets the Sword of Haramathur that I had been wielding. She uses it to sever the connection between Orcus and Haramathur fearing that freeing Haramathur in this manor would taint him and also fearing they are not truly prepared for another Dawn War to start. This conflicts with her original purpose technically speaking, but she believes that there are other guild members still out there who will shed more light on the appropriate course of action.
Belara is approached by Gamu and Qizzi because of her superb handling of her primal powers and is requested to join them in overthrowing the Prince of Frost… because he is an ass.
Finally, Lord Markelhay cedes the rulership of Fallcrest over to our guild.



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