Quantanuminous Peregrination

Lolth rules the Feywild?!

The remains of the Green Tower guild had been offered the rulership of Fallcrest, but we declined saying we trust the Lord Warden to protect and rule Fallcrest in our stead being that we have too many other loose ends to tie up before we could even think of settling down. All chose to rest in the Green Tower the night and when we wake, the land is odd. First there are two suns, one brighter than the morning star; while the other one was dark and covered over with clouds. When we looked out past the city and see that a dense forest circles the town as far as the eye can see. It looks like all the trees are covered with flowers and the pedals flutter in the air glistening in places. We also see the primal wolf spirits patrolling the border between the forest and the town.
We go to our dryad on the third floor to find her stirring in the remains of King Toy into her pot to use for some necromancy concoction. All that we see is his tail stubbornly pointing outward. She wants to be a necromancer after some clarification because she feels that the decay of bodies and the absorption of nutrients into the trees fascinate her. This doesn’t seem as sinister as other necromancers motives. She greats us by saying, “Good morning. Isn’t it a beautiful day?” When we ask her about the forest, she expresses her jealousy towards the tree’s abundance of foliage. She doesn’t know anything else about the forest though.
So we head to the Moon Song Temple which is devoted to Corellon only to find the High Priest, Ressiler Starlight, burning art that has become odd and tainted. All of the art work had been dedicated to Corellon and no detection of arcana can find a spell remaining. Whatever had been done to them is irreversible. Corellon’s alter has also been melted all but for one spot which we investigate and find small symbols to Lolth.
Our group walks to the edge of the town passing villagers who nervously work to rebuild their town, finding that all of the primal hounds stalking back and forth in front of the border where the town meets the odd forest. Ethan uses his elongating straw cautiously to tap a tree to see if something happens when passing this seeming boundary. When nothing happens, Belara tries to communicate with the wolves and find out what’s wrong with the forest, but they just whimper at her. So she goes through to the trees. The only difference she notices is that there is only one bright sun and no sun with clouds over it.
We head to Lord Walden’s keep and find him planning with several people including our Wilden friend, Kimaulthan. Lord Walden was surprised at our decline to rule Fallcrest. He said that he wants to know how the rest of our guild members are doing because last he heard, they had gone to our Dead Man’s Keep to fight off trolls. We told them that we helped them with that fight but have not had word from them since that parting. He is hesitant to send out messengers and envoys because of the odd forest around us and not knowing what is out there. So he asks us to go investigate and bring back word of the forest.
We talk to Kimaulthan and find out that he is having no response from Corellon at all. To make matters worse he describes a cackling female voice whenever he tries to sing a sacred prayer (which he said he did often with yesterday’s battle). This reminds us all of the cackling voice we heard after we had defeated I yesterday so we wonder how they are connected. He also thinks that the bright sun has to do with the feywild and feels a foreboding from the clouded over sun.
At the behest of Lord Warden, we go into the forest towards our manor. The path is covered over with thick foliage, but we traverse it well. As we progress we see that the flowers start dropping from the trees and are replaced with thicker foliage looking like summer. We speculate that the seasons are rapidly changing and worry that it’s towards winter because the Prince of Frost wanted our manor. We then see a fluttering orange pixie coming towards us looking nervously at all of us. It is holding a flask that is the size of its body. But as it stops to look at us, a blue, green cat pounces on the pixie. Belara knows that this beast is a wretched cat- twisted by Femorian magix from Lord’s of Feydark who want to rule the Feywild. They are also known as cruel Lords of Cyclops because they experiment on creatures, although not all experiments come out successful.
Ethan (or Pibl) shot at the cat which startles it enough for it to let go of the pixie and run off. Ethan offers the pixie a perfectly moist toilettes to clean off the cat drool. It giggles and pours out residuum onto the ground in the amount of 100 gold’s worth. It flies off and pours another pile of residuum that is bigger. We follow although we know this is foolish as the pixie does this a handful of more times. In total, Ethan obtains 6,600 gold’s worth of residuum. However, just like we suspected, the pixie leads us to danger. What first looks like a rock formation is quickly discerned as a monster by Jendra and Brande. An illusion covers up a Tirask and we also see that the pixie cocking a crossbow at us. We fight and Pibl takes an opportunity attack on the pixie who chooses to target him thereafter. We are successful at defeating the pet rock, but the Pixie flies off after dropping her flask.
Loot- Belara gets Earth Strider shoes left from the rubble of the rocks.
We head back towards our manor and when we get there, we see a wilden making incantations, 3 big mounds (grapes, roses, & ivy) which are periodically shooting bolts of electricity and a tree ent watching them try to knock down our manor’s door. We ask who they are and the tree ent responds that he is Colonel Oakspruce of the Green Fey. They are trying to get an eladrin out of our house to kill because the Church of Lolth, the Queen of the Feywild O.o has decreed all of their deaths. Lord Oran of the Green Fey ceded over the Court of Stars to Lolth last night when the barriers between our world and the feywild was weakened or broke. When we asked what happened to Corellon, we got a vague answer of him being cast down into the demon web. We store that in the back of our minds as well as the fact that Lolth used I and the Orcas issue to gain entry into the feywild.
Jendra-shan intimidates the wilden who is a storm mage. They decide we are to considerable a target and go to leave and pursue attacking other eladrin. We chase them to stop them. However when we attack the ent makes a huge run for it and we are forced to let him go. We eventually kill the wilden and the three mound-like creatures.
Loot- the wilden had a Paralyzing Sling +3; undecided on who gets this since no one uses a sling.
When we go back to our manor, Chelvin opens the door with Tobolar and Zaldir standing behind him to tell us that there is indeed an eladrin in our home and she has something very grave to tell us. We enter the living room to find an eladrin in tattered leather armor fletching arrows for herself. Her name is Bethanazar a scout of the City of Astrazanion. She was looking for the champions of Fallcrest (us) at the behest of Queen Tiandra. Her caravan seems to have been lost, but the priestess had a very important item to give us. She wants us to wait until dark to go search for the caravan because right now the Fey have dominion while that other sun is up and therefore are stronger. Archfey power which eladrin has from the feywild does not work because now Lolth is in control. She would rather us fight the Shadowfell who come out at night (yay _).
As the sun sets, we leave and see the leaves turn red and fall to the ground eventually leaving the trees bare as winter. When we walk on fallen leaves, they send chilling noises through the air. And the air itself is oddly still, like we are back in the forest when we had gotten trapped in the mist. We all were on edge and started seeing things out of the corners of our eyes. Then we start hearing whispers and Beth tells us that it is in elven and she recognizes some of the voices so we had best hurry.
We come upon the ruins of the caravan and the 12 dead eladrin. It is surrounded by strange shadowy mirages that transform to clawed beasts while moving but look humanoid when still. We learn from someone that they are Night Haunts who are created from people who eat food tainted by shadowy stuff and they are insubstantial. Despite this, we beat them and Beth finds the recorder which shines like gold on the Priestesses corpse.
Loot- TBA
We go back to Fallcrest and she teslls us that since we had protected the shrine to Haramathur last night in the Green Tower, we created a beacon of light in the darkness that Lolth has created by taking over the Feywild. Therefore Fallcrest is impervious to Lolth’s planning and therefore the only safe haven and target left. While the Court of Stars ceded over rulership to Lolth, that does not mean that the Fey are happy about this issue. Queen Tiandra wants our aide to defeat Lolth in exchange for a safe haven for her surviving people. She will provide food and provisions for Fallcrest as well since the farms may have been adversely affected by the foliage of the fey. We agree to help her and Beth plays the recorder and plays a beautiful melody and we watch as a portal opens up. Two-by-two we watch as the remaining eladrin of Queen Tiandra’s court march into Fallcrest. When they finally stop, there is approximately 5,000 of them. This quadruples the size of Fallcrest’s population.
For next time, we discussed possibly fixing up other ruins in places such as Kiris Dahn so that the eladrin who don’t have a home here can go there and try to rebuild for themselves.
We plan on leaving for New Breen to discuss things with Jendra-shan’s Order, bringing Nimorazan’s body to have them resurrect him so they can have other Green Tower Guild members back them up.
Before leaving we should talk with eladrin, Lord Walden, etc about Lolth, Corellon and what’s happening.



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