Quantanuminous Peregrination

Session 1- Kobold Hall

All the characters Jendra-Shan, Melech, Muragaki, and Calla met up in a tavern in Fallcrest and somehow became a group. We overheard that there was an issue with Kobolds being more organized and attacking people on the road and bothering the town of Fallcrest.
So we spoke with Nemorizan the Green the Septarc of the Wizard tower first. He had a Hafling receptionist who was rather annoying… and unbelievably the wizards pathetic apprentice. I think Muragaki wanted to kill him for being so annoying actually. The wizard said if we found out what was creating unison between the Kobolds, he would be grateful and give us access to his guild (which was an old guild but now he is the only member because he is trying to resurrect it) and to his portal.
After that we spoke with Lord Farren Marplehay- Lord Warden of Fallcrest. He lives in Moonstone keep. He told use he would reward us 10 G per Kobold head (we wanted to trick him for double the gold being we cute off ears… but decided against that; as well as 100 G.
He told us to check with Teldorthin Ironhues the Dwarf before leaving to buy supplies with a discount. He was like, more adventurer’s… great. But he asked us to recapture his lost armor (green dragon hide) that was stolen from a raid on his caravan and he would reward us with 200G.

We proceeded to go to Kobold Hall and walked through 5 different rooms, each room with a different amount of enemies and traps. The first room had a sledge pit. The second room had the make shift alter to Tiamont and dark alters. The third room had a sledge pit and skull trap with double doors with enemies on the ledges. This was were we disabled them from attacking us by making the swinging ball just swing instead of them catching it (hard to explain lol). I think Melech opened the door after I climbed the ledge and was surrounded by enemies, only to see that I was surrounded by enemies and be like o f*&^. The fourth room had an island creating a perfect circle for the boulder that was ten feet high to roll around… This room had a Kobold Worm Priest on a far ledge. Jendra had an amazing moment (since it’s me… I don’t remember the other people’s amazing moments being it was about a month ago)… she climbed the island and timed it perfectly to run on the boulder and jump on the ledge with the foes. We defeated them and found a Sealed Letter of Orcus written in Draconic which we had to wait until we saw Nemorizan because we couldn’t read it. We thought we were done because there were no obvious doors, but we found a secret door to the last room that was increasingly colder with each step… only to find a corridor with a Frost Dragon at the end. Somehow, we miraculously defeat it (without taking much damage because the Dragon rolled crappy lol). There was treasure in the back of the room… but the frozen pond in the center called to Jendra being something magical… There most definitely was a magical item at the bottom… but nothing we did would even crack the ice.

We had found the Green Dragon Hide and returned it to Teldorthin… along with the frost dragon and asked him if he could create gloves I think… He agreed and said it would take him a long time. The Letter was signed with the letter I and was a Goblin Warlord who was trying to amass the monsters for an attack and take over of Fallcrest. And we are now a part of Nemorizan’s Guild. We have been made heroes in Fallcrest… but we won’t stay in one of the tavern’s because they shunned our diverse group in the beginning.

I also made note of the Temple of Arathis which is the biggest in the town… and Derina Moonbrow who is the High Priest who sells limited access to ritual scrolls:
Hand of Fate; Cure Disease; Raise Dead; Remove Affliction
Also includes shrines to Ioun and Mordan.


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